a trip to remember :)

4:52 AM

FINALY I POST MY BALI TRIP ( 23 jun - 27 jun )

what i wear. my school uniform ( that's a must! ), D.I.Y washed out shorts, D.I.Y ribbon bow, unbranded shoes, gaudi Bag. :)

DAY 1.
Bandara Soekarno - Hatta

a super big size lugagge.

feve was very bummed because of the waiting :P

finally BALI!!!

untuk ke hotel kita perlu naik angkot biru dulu.. :D hehe.

DAY 2.
Teluk Benua - GWK - Dreamland - Jimbaran

the left one is me riding a jetski. the right one is anas. it was super fun!

we're totally crazy ! wkwkwk. so nekadd.. we asked a bule on dreamland to took a picture with us. we asked about 5 or 6 bules. hahaha. but this one is the friendliest ever. they even want to took a picture with us. seriously, super nice! :)

for dinner we ate at jimbaran. this is our pic in jimbaran beach. but honestly I think the food isn't that good.

DAY 3.
Bedugul - Tanah Lot.
in this picture you can see the "belang" in my legs. it's like i'm wearing a sock!

my sleepin face is sooo not pretty.

this is us. posing like a model. wkwwk.
feve, angel, me, aline, steffi, and jeje. :)
omg, i forgot why did i post this pic? hmm.. what's the reason?. i look so rediculus! wkwkwk.

i love my look here. i just look cool. oh my.. hehehee. but i don't like my lips here. i think my lips is like a duck.

me posing a crazy pic with my teacher. she's very narsis and funny . hahaa. :D

steffi and me. we LOVE pulpy. super tasty for a sunny day!

DAY 4.
we went to kintamanih, besakih, and a hongkong restaurant for dinner.
i didn't took much picture in day 4. i don't know why, maybe the places isn't that exciting for pictures. :(
patty me and steffi at kintamanih after lunch. oyea, do you see what steffi holding? yup, that what me and steffi bought infront of the restaurant. is a heart print shorts. :D incredebly cute and very cheap! the prise is about $1 . i just love BALI. :)

what I wear that day. a tie dye dress i bought in tanah lot. my mom's cardigan, diva accessories, and a gaudi bag :)

and this is the picture of us in Besakih. Besakih is a unique place to visit :)
oyea, we have to wear a sarung to cover our legs or a long trausers to respect the place. hehe. notice why mine is blue?

DAY 5.
Finally, back to Jakarta. it was too fast too last :(
on our last day, we went to joger and titiles. i bought something for my brother at joger. but the queue is soooooo long . urrgh. i just hate waiting. then at 12 pm we went to Ngurah Rai Airport. time to say Bye Bye to BALI.
patty me and steffi in front of our plane. FYI, our plane is not the Garuda Indonesia. it was too good too be true. our plane is the one and only Air Asia. wuff!

this a picture i took at the plane. i just realized that the cloud is soo fluffy. i just wish someday i could fly and sleep in one of those fluffy cloud. aahhh~ *i'm dreaming. wkwk.

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