everything happens for a reason

4:01 AM

everything do happen for a reason. that's a common quote for everyone, but it has deep meaning for me. everyone that you meet in life have different destiny. you meet me, or when you meet someone else, you will know that they gonna teach you a lesson in life. in this case i want to share my experience. i've been away from the blogging world for quite a long time, over a week maybe? well i have an excuse for that. school as always take my time the most. but it was so special because i have an extraordinary teacher. she was my english teacher.
she's an inspiring teacher, the one who gave me the lemon quote remember? well she is the one. she's truly inspiring because of her dedication in teaching. when she come to a class, she usually start with a high note, and she speaks so fast. mostly us students will said like "what miss? please slow down" hahaha very funny. but sadly she has to move to another city. too bad, she was really amazing. she thought me a lot of things in life, she thought me how to keep on fighting, and she said, don't ever let someone tell you that you can't. omg, a lot of things i've learn from her. this post i dedicated it to her, and i just wish all the best! you surely succeed of being a teacher :)

P.S she's the one who hold a frame

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