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 this one is gonna be one long and tough post. this week has been really rough, i mean how can you take so many ups and downs in just one week? it's really crazy. so this week was hectic, i've got so many test, and at Friday i had my first try outs and it was biology and chemistry. so hectic, but i didn't think of it that way because i was excited for Tuesday, 17 January 2012. because it was the first time i got the see a official concert. and it's not just any concert, it's my most favorite band of all time, SIMPLE PLAN. partically, i grow with simple plan, most of their song just connect to me, and i was really happy. seeing my favorite band on earth, screaming, singing, it was wonderful and it felt right!
Picture courtesy of  Michelle P and Jessica C
But all good things never last long. as you know, i'm a Dog person, which means that i love dogs, and i super heart them, i sincerely love them with all my heart. they are such cute creatures that is very loyal. over a year ago i posted in my blog, that my first dog named Chelsea died because she was sick. i was terribly sad, i've heard the news at my bus in school. it was a really sad experience, and i just wish i never have to feel that again. but God has plans for us. we don't know what is it, but it just there. at Thursday, 19 January 2012, i've heard a tragic news that my other dog Snowie died (the white one).
it was really hard for me to accept the fact that he's gone. i know i don't have a super magical story between a dog and it owners, but i really feel sad, because i know what i felt with Snowie was a bond, you can call me crazy, but since my brother left for university, i was alone home. and Snowie accompany me through my lonely days. now it just hard being home, when i heard of his barks almost everyday.
 Chelsea "Chessy" ( RIP 18 August 2011 )
Snowie ( RIP 19 January 2012 ) 
let me tell you something, Snowie was one special dog. He is very naughty, he love to eat my parents furniture, he love to jump in a chair and ate any food on my table, he love to pee, he love to take someone clothes and eat them, he love to chew, he love to meet new people, he love everything. even though he is very hyperactive, he never forgot his loved ones. he really had a great bond with the member of my family. like example, at evening he loved to sleep at my room, and when he heard the sound of my mother's car, he directly woke up, and scratch my door, that means he wants to go out and greet my mother.
In the morning, he loved to woke me up, he scratch my door, or sometimes walks in, and just sit there beside my bed. he loved to greet me after i got home for school. he also like to put his puppy eye when i eat something. he is really cute in so many ways, and yet i have to accept the fact that his gone now. :(
FYI, what makes me even sadder, it's to accept the fact that he died in a car accident.
 ( Ruffle )
and now what left is Ruffle. he is a calm dog, he doesn't talk much. At first he was with Chelsea my first dog. but then she passed away, and he was really sad at that time. he felt lonely, didn't want to eat, and he just stay there like nothing happened. Then i've got him Snowie to accompany him. at first he hated him, he ran all the time Snowie got near him. but time after time, he loved Snowie and became best friends.
what about now? Snowie had passed away, and he again had to felt the same he felt when Chelsea gone, which is lonely. he is very calm, he need a friend to play with. But now he's lonely again, and it's very hard for me to see him like that.

some of you may think it's crazy to had such a great bond with a dog. but it's different. when you give everything to love someone or something, you're gonna get hurt when it's gone. and that's exactly what i felt, i really felt heart broken. 
and another sad story to complete my week is that one of my closest friend named Thania left for university. she was a really special friend, and to see her go, it's really sad :(

as conclusion, appreciate what you have now before it's too late. and always make each day counts, because there's no such thing as time machine. you can't go back to the past. but i learn that you need to accept the truth no matter how hard it is, you need to move on, and let go.

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  1. sorry about your dog. snowie is really cute ;)

  2. your dogs are cute, but i'm feeling so sorry about them. By the way... Simple Plan! That's awesome, tho :D


  3. dear, I really sad reading your story between you and your dog and how it feels to suddenly have to get used to something that you aren't used to be.
    Cheer up pretty <3


  4. so sorry about your dog


  5. I heard Simple Plan concert was awesome :) So sorry to hear all of the bad news. I totally understand you (the dog thingy) because I also have dogs. I'd be super sad if they died. I can't even think about it. Well, best of luck to you! Everything's gonna be fine :)

  6. Such a great post dear :) Love it! ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. beautiful concert.
    I follow u, follow me please
    And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


    My Free Choice

  8. Ohhh I'm so sorry about your dog and your leaving friend. I know how it feels being left by someone :(


  9. thank you all for the lovely supporting comments! it cheers me up a lot :)



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