sun sets to paradise

3:24 AM

so where have i been this last few days? i was in BALI!
yeah it was true, so excited to share my experience in this post! so last week i went to Bali with my family and friends. so the first 3 days i spent it with my familly, and the rest i spent it my friends. i had tons of great times! each day i felt new adventure, and i experience something that i never felt before! 
you know, when i went to Bali i felt really proud of Indonesia. we had a beautiful island full of tourists, and i discovered Bali not only from it's visual panoramas, but i also saw it's culture that's really ethnic!
so yeah i had a great great time :) some are sad because i know that this is sort of a farewell trip with my friends, but no matter how far the distance we all separated by, Just believe we always find a way to each other! *long post reminder* :)

me and my mom :)
went to W hotel. this place was outrageously awesome!

 we toke this cruise called the Bounty Cruise. so i went to Nusa Lembongan and then by cruise we travel to a little island nearby. we also played banana boat and snorkeling!
Meet the girls!
top (L-R) Clarissa, Kezia, Gisella, Edlyn
down (L-R) : Theresia, Shearen, Jeslina ( she's the girl from isle of a view! ), Me
All of us!
 this is the close up of Jeslina's shirt! really love the pattern ;)

so what did i do in Bali? here's the recap!
Day1. Jimbaran with family.
Day2. Watersport.
Day3. catch up with friends, ate at Take (Japanese Restaurant)
Day4. Bounty cruise, Warung Made (recommended), Uh'u Bar (great place!)
Day5. Ubud. Safari Park.
Day6. Watersport, Bubagam, Kudeta, Potato Head (highly recomended all of this places!)
Day 7. Home :)
 So i had a great time! and i'm excited to blog again!
Good Day!

P.S. i decided to change my font to this., because it's bigger. ;)

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  1. seems you have fun
    and i really love your outfit which you wore on the last day <3

  2. seems like you had such a great time!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  3. it must be so fun. i love those sweet pictures and your outfits too <3

  4. Amazing pictures! Looks like you had loads of fun =) X

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  5. I (always) love to see vacation photos, seems fun and beautiful places *_*

  6. ahhh I miss bali :(

  7. lovely photos! seems so fun:D I love your friend's skirt pattern too<3

  8. great combinations and new proposals

  9. woah you were in Bail... *_* it has to be a great experience O_o
    you should make a drama there :P hahaa

  10. sooooo jealous of you! pingin baliii :3 *mupeng*


  11. Omg everything looks like so much fun! Lucky you ^_^

  12. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a Romwe dress +$50 freebies and a secret gift

  13. looks like you had so much fun trip in bali!
    i need a getaway too

    style frontier



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