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it's been a rough week for me, letting down the people i love the most is hard. sometimes you intent to do the right thing, to do something nice. but it seems like what you did is wrong. i realize now that the only place where i can totally surrender is to God. so i'm sorry for that "someone" that i hurt :(. really, i do hope you understand that deep down i know i'm not a bad person.
also in life we often complain a lot, feeling like it's never enough. we always want more, especially when we see others that seem to have a beautiful life, more than us. now I've been in that phase, where all i can do is complaining. it's hard to me to accept myself, and to deal with all my minorities. it's hard for me to see others succeed, and i looked at the mirror, "i see the plain me, nothing exciting happened". but soon i learned that all good things happened to those who waits. all you gotta do is Surrender. yes, give all of your worries to God, and let He answers our prayer. but waiting isn't always that easy. the time , you just never know it, and all you see is everything fall apart. so quickly.
well, in my 18 years of life, i tried to learn as many as possible. i'm still childish, i like to do things that sometimes just felt so dumb, but i like doing that. but one of the things that i'm learning really hard is to be mature. to let go, to accept, to feel thankful all the time, because you need to appreciate the things you had now before you lose it. that's the kind act i'm playing now, being grateful and simply enjoy each second of my life.
to be honest, i'm a thinker kind a person. i'm not an introvert, actually i am someone who loves to tell stories, i'll open myself easily when i feel comfortable with that person. but it's not as easy as it looks like, i often think a lot, and that thinking drives me crazy. that's why when you saw my "prom post" you'll saw that i won the most Hyperbolic award. well it's not just because of my act, it's also because of the way think about things. now i learned that no matter what happens all you need to do is just take it easy. i don't wanna think too much and exhaust myself. i wanna enjoy life, like what other people did. :) 

anyway sorry for this long writing! this is another shot i did, and i really happy that my Juice String shoes had just arrived. love this shoes with all my heart!
black cropped top - unbranded, skirt - unbranded, shoes - Juice String. accessories - yuan and rubi, belt - yuan
this is the awesome Bonnie Wedge from Juice String.
So enough of my gloomy post! i just really need a place to share my feelings :) but deep down i know i'll be alright!
well, see you in my next post!
GBU :)

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  1. Is that your room? How nice!!
    <3 your outfit btw :)


  2. what a nice shoes.
    I agree with your thought :)
    have a nice day, pretty!

  3. Cute outfit,the skirt is beautiful.xx

  4. wow i adore your skirt and shoes! <3 i guess i need to buy that shoes like yours! i guess hahaha


  5. love your heels and skirt ☺

  6. Firstly I'd like to apologize for disagreeing that we only have to wait in the term of surrendering. Good things will indeed come to those who wait, moreover for me, better things will come to those who make moves. The best things will come those who always get back up whenever they fall and never stop running FORWARD. Thus, while surrendering everything to God, I will always endeavor to make a progress. Nevertheless, the point is to surrender to God and stop complaining, no? (: lovely outfit anyhow, I adore the way you wear that mustard skirt <3

  7. you look prettyy <33 and adore your heels xxx count me as your newest follower :D

  8. i love the heels and the mustard skirt! :)


  9. Cute heels!
    btw I've followed you :)

  10. believe it or not, i feel you! i can totally relate to your post because i've been there too. It's quite an inconvenient feeling but we must be the master of our feeling and control it, right? I hope you feel better soon :)

    anyway, pretty skirt! <3

    Joie de Vivre

  11. super cute shoes! ♥


  12. you look pretty as usual !


  13. Thank yoo so much for the comment..
    nice post..

    Lets follow each other if you want :)


  14. gorgeous look.. love the skirt a lot.. you look so stunning dear :)
    and the shoes, always curious how it feels when using that shoes


  15. I love that wrapped belt! =)


  16. I know its hard for you sweetie, but still put your chin up and face the truth, there's something beautiful behind the faith. Keep smiling dear <33

    bytheway I love your shoes so much, they are awesome!


  17. love the wedges! <3 its cuteeeee

  18. seems like you're having a tough time. cheer uppppp! ;DDDDD
    & i love your shoes anyway ;)


  19. agree with yuki and josh! cheer uppp dear :DD
    maybe life is hard and not easy to take, but without that, we would have no life to live.
    so cheer up and just go with that with a grateful pleasure and a smile ♥
    and remember, you can do Surender, but yes you should keep moving forward with God beside you.
    you're the one who can choose your path life, dear. take a chance and make a changes.
    choose and don't forget to walk in God's guidance. GBU

    anywayyyyy, love your outfitttt ♥ totally love the wedges!

  20. Hope that you are able to resolve the situation soon..Love the outfit and the jewelry! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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