Caesar Salad

8:48 PM

first of all.. why i named this post Caesar Salad? that's a good question. since i'm confused about the tittle of this post, i suddenly think about food. then i remember that this whole post is mainly green, because i was in a garden, and so.. i come up with the name Caesar Salad, so random right? 
wohh.. IT'S BEEN A LONG LONG TIME since my last post :( so sorry for my absence. i just want to make it clear that my blog is still active and will always be. so.. if you're wondering why i haven't post anything lately, it's because of my schedule. yes, university life is different. it's a been a month and more i've been living here, and well, i can finally say that i have adjust myself to live here. normally i go to school for 3 hours lecturer, and i also have to attend tutorial class for an hour. my friends here are amazing too, and thanks to them i can get rid of my homesick.
anyway, i try to manage my expense thou.. i don't want to shop too much, even though i already did. :p 
btw, this is a shoot that i did a few weeks ago with my cousin! she's so fun at taking photo shoots, and i really enjoyed this photo shoot. the place was actually in Singapore Botanical Garden, the one that Duchess Kate and Prince William attend. i will post another two post of my craziness in this garden! :) 
top - zara, skirt - pink label, shoes - Bugis Street, accessories - forever 21

the place is really nice, i do recommend this place for a fun family outing, or just simply relaxing :)

addition, Blazer - mom's gift

ok, i'm sorry for my annoying look in the last picture. well, i do try my best to adapt more in this new Country, and i will update so very soon! Good Day!! :)

P.S. all photos were taken by a lovely cousin of mine, name Natasha Elizabeth. i will introduce her in my next post :)

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  1. I think the last pic is adorable <3
    living in another country can be tough, but I tink you look super cute while doing it ;)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. that shirt is soooo cute! and cute zebra ring!

    Win a lace dress from Max C London

  3. love ur skirt! good luck adapting with new country ;)

  4. ahh so cute! such a pretty outfit!
    i adore your shoes, they are gorgeous!!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. lovely,
    kind a miss your blog and glad to kno youve posted again ♥

  6. what a beautiful place, and i love your last photos :P great outfit

  7. pretty of you, and pretty outfit <3

  8. nice Salad Garden! :DDD
    "repeat 'isle of view' 5 times,
    well, isle of view back!"

    would love to hear from you girls guys :D



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