so late

6:41 AM

i am sooo stressed lately. my school work, my life, my body, urgh everything is soo messed up! anyway i try to calm down. huhh.. above is the pic my friend make. she's so talented. she draw the whole 9.1 class! amazing right? splendid job Tata! :)
and this is another post about my last friday weekend. hahaha sorry for the late post. like i said, i've been so busy lately and i have a lot of things in my mind.
ok back to the topic. last friday i went to grand indonesia , ex and plaza indonesia with my friends. :) i watch ORPHAN. hmm it was a freaky movie, but i like the storry and the suprise in the film! wkwk. u know, my friends was soo crazy. they laugh not shout or scream. eventhough it was a scary movie, the laugh like it was a comedy. ahha :D

i tried Yogulicious! ohh my.. let me just say, so far this is THE BEST yogurt i have ever tasted! mine is the third from the left. i had gummy bears, mochi,longan, cake toppings. yummy!

what i was wearing.
dress - gaudi, shoes - dbute, bag - gaudi, bangles - Bali

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