the weekend

2:34 AM

today i go to Puri Mall with my mom. so bored at home! i went to gaudi. finally! :) awww and the best part is Gaudi is on sale. yiipppie! because it's the opening sale, gaudi gave 20% discount. not bad huh? ehehhehe

this is the first dress i try. the rest of the pic is in bad quality because i take it quietly. *my camera sound can't be turn off. anyway, i like this dress. the print in it is sooo faboulous and cool! but too bad i didn't buy it. instead i bought a flower print blazer. :)

after that i had jcool. yumm :)

ooohh, and this is the blazer that i bought from gaudi. i love it :)

blazer - gaudi, top - unbranded, ribbon - D.I.Y, skirt - mom's, shoes - dbute, bangles - BALI, bag - gaudi

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