life is full of difference, but we must go on

9:18 AM

this is a picture of me back a few feeks ago. :) liking the tiger print lately.

what i wear
blazer - invio , tank top - cotton on, shorts - unbranded, tights - unbranded, shoes - dbute, necklace - D.I.Y, bangles - random


it's holiday and i can't smell the fresh day of knowing it's not school. well you guys i want to make this holiday memorable :) so tomorrow I'm leaving for a while. I'm sorry for not updating my blog soon :). well hope you guys have a very splendid holiday! oh and new year is coming guys. many wishes that hasn't came true yet. but still I'm not giving up. I'm just hoping for a better me
:) many hopes that i want to reach guys!
1. be a better person :)
2. be more close to God :)
3. make my parents proud :)
4. improve my grades. i want to get into science class in the next grade :)
5. be more creative :)
6. be more passionate about fashion and what i love
7. lose my weight and get taller. (hope i can) :)
8. get the love of my life soon :)
9. be more close to my friends :)
10. pray for God to lead my way :)

anyway, have fun guys!

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