2010 . sad things happened

2:26 AM

firstly i want to say , HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you ! may this year be as great as 2009.
but i had a little, or maybe a big problem i want to share.

i feel so alone right know don't know why. i feel like i have a lots of probleems. trust me they're so many :( . i was really confused about my life and what should i do. a lot mess up feeling in my heart. the first problem is about me . urgh, i don't know why . but i just feel like 2010 isn't my year. everything change this year, and the changes is not good . i often feel hurt. i feel so sensitive right know . like many people hurt me so easilyy aaargh ~ i felt like my friends is avoiding me. like they want to move forward without me. i feel so damn hurt ! i miss my old friends just like they way the used to. so sad. i also had problems in my self ! i feel like i've done many bad things that i shouldn't do. many wrong things i've done. but everytime i failed, i feltlike God is guiding me to be back to Him. my friends always reminded me to pry if I had a problem. eventhough my problems are still there, i just wanna pray and wish for the best. but right know i want to say thanks to my friends Cynthia and Patty for always there for me. and for reminding me that God will always care bout me. thank you so much. i just hope i can pass my life easily and hope next week everything could be better. :)


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