time flies so fast

7:51 AM

seconds, minutes, hours it just felt like yesterday. all the time we spent, those precious times, it was toughtful. and thanks for teaching me that Life must go on. i know i couldn't turn back time like what happened in a movie, but i know that each day, i spend my time with the right people. that i loved so much. Thanks Guys ILY <3

Theres birthday :) she looks gergous

My new classmates. the first i'm scared, but now i'm thrilled to have them in my life. Hello XI SCIENCE 2

The birthday i dreamed for. i never felt surprised before. ever! but thanks to them i know how it feels. it feels awesome. to have someone who cares about you, who dare to wear silly stuff, to be there looking at your shocked face. Thank you so much my junior high friends.

L-R : Patty, Veve, Angel, Vina

The other surprise i had from my high school friends. well, you guys tricked me and fooled me really well! But I'm so happy. Thanks Kezia, Jessica, Thania, Theresia, Clarissa, Jo S :) Thanks to sheshe too

The Birthday Celebration. It was exciting!

BrightSpot-ing at the 9th of July.

P.S, It's Jessica's birthday!

Ivana-Bagus-Boni-Wika 's birthday. had a great time. Thank youu :)

what i wore :
Lacey Paded- Zara, Tank- Unbranded, Skirt - Coco Pink, Bangles - Random from Bali, Acc-F21, Heels - Dbute, Bag - Singapore

My super bestest friend Patty and Feve

The Bikey! i love them so much. had a great time at tea walk. Want to know The bikey? keep tune to my next post! :)
L-R : Sheshe, Me, Kezia, Clarissa, Edlyn

MY GRADE 10 classmates!! They're awesome. it was our farewell trip to Bandung, and we had such a great time.

Currently in love with Parfait. This is from Mr Curry, it tastes so damn good!

this is the time where me and my super silly friend icha wore an extremly painful heals. You can't imagine how my hurt it is to wore them. And the most silliest part? we just couldn't take the pain anymore. we just took it off, and walked barefoot on a mall. *extremly memorable

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