7 years, i will always love you

7:33 AM

"i want her, she's perfect"
"She sure is" :) said mom
we got her home, and it's official she was the new member to our family. i remember the first day, oh yeah i can't sleep. she barks so loudly, and i just can't sleep. the next day, and the day after the next day, she bites me, and I'm stress.
"mom i can't take her anymore. she drives me crazy"
"but we already bought her, what should we do?" asked mom
"i have an idea. why don't we took a picture with her as a memory and we sell her back?"
"Are you sure?" mom was concern
"Hmmm" i had to think

and i think no. why i should sell her back? now she stole my heart, and i just love her so much. it's been a wonderful time my dear friend. you were a part of me, and i'm a part of you. you love me and i love you. yeah we shared a sweet romance.

after school at bus
"she died" dad texted me.
i'm shocked, i hang up the phone.

for all the time we spent, i just want to say thanks and i love you. one day we will meet again!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. REALLY SAD! anjing gw dulu jg mati, bk cuma 1 tp 2 :(( really makes me sad, she's too cute ya

    anyway, i think we're from the same school. loren kan? hehe

  3. it's very very sad :( i cried so many times.
    yeah kita kalau ga slh satu seni budaya bahkan. nice to know you :)!



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