4:18 AM

hi guys how are you all doing? well, this week has been such a hectic week. everyday i had exam and all that kind a stuff, and i need holiday asap. talking about holiday, i had so many plans what i'm going to do and it be fun for sure. anyway, about a few days ago, my mom just got back from singapore, and she was thoughtful to bought me some clothes !

L- R : forever 21 skirt, cotton on body con skirt, forever 21 tutu skirt
and some random accessories

L : purple top
R : recently I'm in the mood for music, and guitar is a lovely friend

top - mom's old denim, belt - yuan, skirt - forever 21

cropped top - forever 21, skirt - cotton on, heels - unbranded, necklace - gaudi, bangles - random

top - cotton ink, skirt - cotton on, tights - topshop, belt - yuan
oh! finally i understand how to made a bokeh effect

top - zara, skirt - forever 21, heels - unbranded, belt - forever 21

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  1. Cool! I like your skirt in last pic. It's so preppy.
    Your blog is cool



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