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High school took a big part In our life, especially in teenagers life. Actually i have many expectations in my high school life. Since I'm new to my school, i had this nerve, because new school means new life. I started high school as a new chapter in my life. I remember, the first day i went to high school, i was bizarrely weird. I'm too excited, and at the same time i over do my looks just too much. I wore, my brown fringe gaudi bag,pink watch, and i just got my hair curled. So? You can imagine how weird it is. At the first day in my class, i introduce myself a little just too much. I show my weird talent, where i can touch my nose with my tongue. Basically, I'm weird. *sigh*
But 1 year has passed by, and it all went great. I had my friends and all the great adventure that any girl want. Honestly, many people said high school was the best time of our life. You know, sometimes i had this pressure where, high school is where we reach popularity, girlfriends/boyfriends, achievement, being the best student, and all of that. And to compare it to myself, i was too far from it. But now that i think again, I'm happy just to be my self.
I'm maybe not the prettiest girl at school, but hey, I've got great eyes!
I'm maybe not the best student in school, but who cares, I'm smart in my own way
I'm maybe single, but I'm perfectly happy
I'm maybe not the most wanted kid in school, but damn i had a wonderful
i had the bestest friends, to share my high school life :)
this picture bellow, i took at Friday. When we had extra class. My extra class was art class, but we surely had a great time.

the most prettiest girl at school. visit her tumblr! her name is icha

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  1. hi dear thanks for your sweet comment :D
    wahahaha seems like you had a lot of fun wiuth your friends :)
    the 'geli' photo's just lol! :D
    join my giveaway

  2. Yes , high school may be stressing but I still love my friends ! Haha . Nice post !

  3. echa, i used to take art as my ekskul when i was in junior high
    (can u imagine, i had been 3 years becoming art student)
    i missed that moments :'(
    keep posting, dear♥



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