like the wind blows, there goes my summer

3:53 AM

School works are hectic, and time is killing me softly. All that i can do when i got home, is at least open my laptop, watch cartoons, and sleep, and study, and bla bla bla. sometimes my schedule is just not right. lately, my school works are really buzzing my life. Tests, Quizes, Homeworks, stuff like that.
anyway, finaly i got the chance to post my recent holiday to Singapore. it was fantastic. i mean, i can't exactly said that it's the best holiday ever, but at least i spent my time with the greatest people. my family are amazing, and i met my friend there. we went to universal studio. we rode many attraction there.
but holiday came off so quickly. 20 sept, i went back to school. and let me tell you, i'm so lazy. but education is education, and forever school is a must. thank God there's a friend too keep you alive there. :)
Shirt - Iconia, Shorts - Max town, Shoes - little things she needs, acc -random, Bag - Gaudi

sorry, i know it's a very weird picture of me

Shirt - Forever 21, Shorts - Max Town, Belt - Unbranded, Flip-Flops - Rubi, Bag - Longchamp, Acc - Randoms
introducing : Gingy

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  1. thank you :) i bought it long time ago.

  2. look so fun there! nice outfit, liburan ini emang bnyak bgt ya yang ke spore ahaha thanks for your comment! feel free for follow me :)

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