Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

10:14 AM


 so sorry for my long term of absence since holiday. well it's been a very pack holiday, and i can't believe that in 2 days i will be back to reality. speaking of holiday, I'm very thankful that i can spent my lovely days with the greatest people ever. this year, i spent Christmas with my family. at the morning we went to church, and then we went to ate at a Chinese restaurant. it was simple but nice :) and for new year, i spent it again with my family.
 can you ever imagine how 365 days has past by? i felt like, the time is ticking very quickly, and i can never imagine how fast is time running past. I'm very thankful for everything that happened in 2010. I've got hurt, I've got joy, I've got tears, I've got laugh,  well i didn't got exactly what i wanted, but mostly i did tried my best. when i look at my 2010 resolution, i cross the thing that happened, and it's not that bad thou. i did a pretty good job, but still i have to work a lot harder in 2011. wish me luck!
how bout you ?

introducing, my wonderful dogs.
Snowie and Ruffle

you may wonder what is this, well this is the teaser for my upcoming post!

well, let's do our best, and keep fighting for 2011
God Bless Us All :)

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  1. your dogs are very CUTE! :DDD
    great new year resolutions!! <3

    a little princess

  2. awww thank you dear, you too :) hope you have a great year!



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