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 hey all! I'm sorry for my absence, well a lot of things happened! this past week i have lost my voice, i had a sore through, but thanks God I'm ok now :) actually i was planning to do something on my next post that needs my voice, but since my voice is not 100% back, maybe the next post! well the good thing is, since i lost my voice, my voice became sexy, and I've got many compliments for that. Thank you! well, this week was hectic, like usual. i haven't really started to have tests or something, but next week there's two tests waiting for me. but this week I've spent it with my friends. at Friday we had a photo shoot for our yearbook, and at Saturday i attended my friend sweet 17. speaking of 17, i couldn't imagine how fast times pass! i mean it's like yesterday i just got in high school, and now I've got a year and a half till college.
anyway, today i don't feel like a photo shoot of my clothes, but i miss blogging so much, so this is what i wore on my Sunday church :) enjoy!
top-gaudi, skirt-zara, belt-yuan, accessories-random, shoes-dbute.
i try my red lipstick just for this photoshoot.
and yeah, I've been really into Polaroid this days! it's not a new Polaroid actually. it was a long time ago, i got it for free. :)

Gosh, i did forgot something. A few days ago, Tammy was so lovely to award me with Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you so much dear :) it was my first award, so I'm touch
and the things i need to do once i got this award is,
1. Thank the person who awarded me, Thanks Tammy! :)
2. Post 7 things about myself
3. Pass this award to other stylish person out there!

well, here goes number 2 :)
1. I'm a girl with big dreams! I have high imagination, and i wish a lot of good things to come true. i wish maybe one day i could become a famous designer, an inspirational person, and maybe i could write a book one day!
2. I like to play solitaire a lot! i know it's not such a fun game, but it's the only game that i can figure it out all by myself. so i often entertain myself by playing it.
3. i like to eat any kind of food. so sorry of this fact, as you can see I'm not that thin, but I'm not that fat too. but for me eating could cures any kind of problems!
4. i like shopping a lot. well, I'm a girl you know what to do.
5. i always wanted to cut my hair shorter, but since I'm not ready, maybe before university i will make it happen!
6. I like to play guitar a lot, i like to create silly songs, and just singing even though my voice sucks
7. This one of my fun yet so cool talent! i have a very long tongue, i can touch my nose with my tongue, Maybe one day I'll post a video of it :)

that's about it, 7 things i never mention before and I'm going to pass this award to
Missing Bee
The Coronet
Apple Mercedes

Have a great day!

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  1. nice polaroid! anyway, is that OPI nail polish? what colour is that? coool. simply like the tiffany n co's colour ;)




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