Sore ga okotte iru

1:23 AM

hello blogers :) i know I've been away like a month or more, but I'm here to say that i do miss blogging a lot! it's been a long time actually since the last time i took a snap shoots of my cloths, and yesterday i finally had the time to did it. as you know, at February i went to Bali for my school field trip, and we had lots of fun, and new experience! and i do want to say something, i will promise to keep updating my blog no mather what. i  miss the blogging atmosphere, and i will try to update at least 3 times  a week

top-cotton on, jacket-yuan, belt-yuan, skirt-zara, heels - dbute, accessories-rubi

and this is a few pictures that describe my whole trip in Bali!
and lastly, i just want to say thanks to the people who have always been nice to me :) in Bali i met new great people, with their great spirits and joy, and it all makes me touch. Thank you

P.S, if you're wondering what "Sore ga okette iru" mean, well it mean It's Happening. I hope all the best for Japan, and may God bless us

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