bouncy ball

9:44 AM

hello dear readers, how have you been? it's been such a long day for me, everyday feels like more than 24 hours, sometimes i even feel like 24 hours isn't enough for me. hmm there's not much going on, my school life seems normal, except that i have a school play i need to be focus and it's a really fun play, that all of the class could participate :) I'll post about the details later. i also want to share something that i have in mind lately.  a week ago, i took a talent test, or maybe potential test? don't know exactly what they called it, but i took it. and it said that i should take something that involve speaking in public, so they suggest me to take communication or advertising for my major. but i still haven't figure it out for my future.
oh one more thing, I've been keeping a lot of thoughts in my head lately. i kept on wondering, was there something wrong about me or not, but let just assume my life is like a bouncy ball. it will goes straight up, when i through it down, and from that, it's better to keep things on my mind, where they're supposed to be.

anyway, below is an old picture, that i took a few months ago. actually it was last year, but i haven't really had the chance to post about it, so here it goes (:
top-yuan, skirt-zara, shoes-little things she needs, accessories-randoms, belt-ribbon, bag-mulbery look a like

P.S ,
make sure to keep your safety asure, because lately there's many harm that happens, so just be careful :)

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  1. i love love your skirt! the floral pattern really cute :)

  2. tes bakat ya? aku juga ikutan dan ternyata hasilnya sesuai dgn profesin aku pas lulus, hahaha :)
    aku juga sama, awalnya gak kepikiran. tp coba aja dulu, tes bakat kan emang dirancang supaya km "tau" bakat km. good luck, ya! :) ps: i love ur shoes ;)

  3. i like your top..
    wanna exchange link??

  4. you look pretty, love your skirt! have a nice weekend darls! :D

    xoxo kellyyyyy

  5. thank you for your lovely comments!! :) yeah dorothy we should exchange link! i link you first :)

  6. iya aku uda ikut 3 tes bakat kali haha, tapi hasilnya kurang cocok. jadi masih bingung buat kedepannya, tapi thx buat advicenya :)



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