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 so sorry for not updating in a while! i miss blogging so much :( and i have reasons for my absence. well, i've been away for a while, only 3 days to be exact. me and my friends, Jessica and Anselia, went to Singapore for our very own vacation. this trip was very sudden, since we have no plan at all, and we booked the ticket a few days before the trip. so it's kind of a coincidence how we could get the ticket. 
nothing much to tell, but we have a lot of great times! the 1st day we went to Bugis, and i spotted this unique looking mall, and the structure is very futuristic! 

2nd day we went to the Universal Studio, it was so awesome. we had such an astonishing time, and i tried the roller coaster ride, woosh 

the first time i saw the roller coaster, i was quite excited, and i was a bit under estimated about the ride. i thought the ride wasn't that scary, but i was horrified to ride this! i thought the roller coaster only had one ride, but it divided in to the blue ones, and the red ones. I prefer the blue ones though, it is more fascinating

and went to H&M! there's a long queue, but we managed to get into the store. i'm satisfied with what i've got there :) 
lastly i tried macaroons! finally! the taste was amazing, the taste was so varied. but among all my favorite is the scarlet one. super yum! anyway, there's only 6 days left till school. back to reality again, and i really need to get my self together for school and life.  

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  1. Seems fun there! Lucky you :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. i'm following you now , my pleasure if u want to follow me back :)

  3. Whoaaa, look like you had great time there! so jealous that you got to H&M. Hope you spend your rest holiday well ;)

  4. You're so lucky that you can get inside to H&M, the queue was crazy and unfortunately i can't get pass through that long queue :(

  5. omg! will go to SG next month. thanks to you i now know what places to visit when i go there! yay! :D

  6. ahh so envious. looks like so much fun! i haven't been on any 'big' rides in years. i crave them all the time.

  7. How cool! You're so lucky :)
    Love these photos!

  8. Aww so jealous with you..
    What a happy time!

  9. thank you sweety!
    i follow you back!!

  10. OMG you're in Singapore too! Hope you're enjoying yourself, thank you for your comment.

  11. looks fun on there! and i want try some macaroons too, looks so yummy :D
    good luck for your school dear! :)
    have a nice day

    xoxo, Jessica

  12. Looks like so much fun! You all look so cute!

    Carmen Ri.



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