keep moving on

5:48 AM

this week is very hard. let me tell you, i have an extreme math test today. as you can see my last post was kind a sad, well that's the truth about life, and i encourage myself to keep on believing that maybe i can do it. nothing is impossible right? but, no more sad post :) i try to move on, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD
loving the whole combination of this look, love the pink blazers so much :)
blazer - h&m, top - yuan, shorts - h&m, shoes - hongkong, accessories - h&m
and one of the thing that makes me happy is having this award! thanks to the lovely, Live Love Laugh and This Is Real This is Me who gave me this award. actually i got it a few days ago,  but  never actually got the time to post it.
so Thank You so much for this precious award! :) 
and the rules of this award is i need to thank the person who gave it to me, and i need to post about it, and give it again to 10 bloggers :).
favorite color? -- turquoise and green.
favorite animal? -- i'm a dog person. 
favorite number? -- 8 and 17!
favorite drink? -- all time favorite, hot green tea.
facebook/twitter? -- yes , i have both, love them all. 
your passion? -- fashion and theater
giving/getting presents? -- currently i'm in the giving mode.
favorite pattern? -- tiger prints!
favorite day? -- gotta love Friday :)
favorite flower? -- tulips.

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  1. yes keep moving forward, I also keep telling myself this. Hope the best for you :)
    I love this combination too! You look so darling :) Love your hot pink blazer and shorts.

    Thankyou so much for passing the award to me :)

    hope you have a nice weekend xx

  2. Congrats for the award, dear :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. You look stunning babe! Love the colours :D

  4. congrats for the award. glad it makes u smile again :) love your blazer too!

  5. Lovely outfit! it really fits you :) you have great taste in style!

  6. such a sweet outfit. i love when you mix pink and mustard colored short,totally chic.

  7. I love your attitude to keep moving forward. I pretty much had the same kind of crazy week with finals last week. Love the pink blazer :)


  8. Love the blazer!! Congrats on the award dear! xo

  9. Pink is very lovely!
    The form of trousers is individual and beautiful.<3

  10. the pink blazer is superbbbb cool :)

  11. Whoa. Cute Outfit! :)

  12. Love your pink blazer babe!
    Also, can you please stop by and say hello to my sister in law, she just started blogging, would really appreciate if you can follow her too! :)

    Her link:

  13. congrats :) those colors stunning on u...
    hey, following u now...
    follow me back pls...



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