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7:23 PM

i know i haven't been really committed to blog. well i'm sorry for that, but it's due to my hectic days of school. i know i have been complaining a lot about how hard it is being a senior, but it's is exhausting, when everyday we have try outs. and also i've been busy preparing for my class drama performance, it's for our english practical test. even though everything seems to be so hard, i want to look at the positive sight. that this is the last moment for me in my teenager live, being a high school student. so let's makes each moment special!
also i really want to watch IFW! but sadly i can't :(. i promise myself thou, to go next year :) 

top - forever21, shoes - bershka, pants - maple, accessories - yuan

and this shots was just about fun

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  1. pretty ci stephanie :D
    super love the heels ♥

  2. its totally understandable my dear, goodluck for everything, its just few months to go :) You look gorgeous, the print of your pants is amazing and the zebra ring oh so cute. Cuteness overload I must say ;) xx

  3. cute ring and i love your pants...
    and yah... live your school life to the fullest... these are the little things that spices up your life and later when u look back, you can laugh about it...reminisce it!!!

  4. goodluck for your exam ci! it's so stressing, is it not? *headbang*

    like the floral pants and the shoooz!

    Passion Elixir

  5. love this style , specially your pants :*

  6. awww love your pants very much! <3

  7. love the floral pants & the ring is so cute!!
    good luck for your upcoming exams!!

    cheers, izzaura

  8. u look cute :D love ur pump heels !

  9. cute pantssss! and good luck for your national exam! :DDD

  10. cute ring & what a lovely style!
    n e way, i sell some wicked accessories too, why dont u check it out at maybe there's something you might like ;) or




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