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one of the greatest thing that recently happened was my class drama for english practical test. i did mention this before in my last post as an excuse of my lack updates. but let me tell you something, it was an incredible feeling! i was truly amazed with my class, because we knew that we worked so hard, and really we couldn't believed that the crowd really enjoyed the drama. 
to be more clear, each class was given a task to perform a drama as an english practical test, and for my class we chosen the theme of the oldies. here's the plot of the story, once upon a time there lived a daughter and a father. her name was Carrie. she and her dad own a burger shop, however Carrie felt like she did not belong to the family buisness. her father was silly and really old fashioned, and he never gets what Carrie liked. once he try to danced, he fell because of a heart attack. at the hospital the doctor said that the hospital charged was expensive, and this made Carrie confused because she didn't has any money. her best friend named Tracy was envy at her from the beginning. she own a hamburger shop just like her, but her's wasn't as famous as Carrie's. Tracy persuaded Carrie to try for an audition at the 80s show, if she wins, she could has the money for he dad medication. but instead she needed to sell her burger shop, because she needed lots of practices. at the end she loss the competition, and she didn't has anything, no burger shop, no money, just her and her sick dad. when she got home she realized what Tracy had done, she got to a fight  because she also found out that Tracy bought her shop. at the end Tracy realized that she was wrong, because Carrie was her bff , and she shouldn't did that. finally, Carrie joined Tracy shop and they both own the same shop, and the burger shop was famous since then. and the lived happily ever after :)
i know the story is not a fairy tale, or a folktale, or a little cliche, but it doesn't matter because it was our original idea, and we're proud to do it :)

Here's a few scenes from the Drama!
At the hospital scene
my friends did a great job playing as the costumers

the character Tracy was played by (Jeslina Putri Limanjaya), and me as Carrie

The 80s show!

Left : we made the burger shop by ourself, Right - the dress that i love the most!

 what makes it even more special is that this is our last moment, our very last performance as a class. playing a character always made me felt so alive, and i love being a part of this :) so excuse me for being so busy preparing this. but it was so worth it!

FYI, searching for the right costume is really exciting, because we need to make sure it is very vintage!
Great Day all!!

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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Your english play looks like so much fun! I'm sure you guys got a high grade ;)


    What Would Marella Do?

  2. Nice show :) I wanna see it! Love the last photo ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. Seems like you and your friends had a great time!
    The stage decoration and the costume looks so great and actually I wonder about how Carrie's Dad end up anyway.. Hope he's get better :D

  4. aww i wish i could see those show :) lovely photos anyway ^^

    very lovely dear
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back :)

  6. I love that floral dress over there!! Very gorgeoussssss! To whom does the dress belong to now?

  7. so pretty, seems like great event :D

  8. such a great drama! you guys totally a creative makers :D
    the stage and all of role players really gimme a oldish vibe, love it <3




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