i wish for second chances

9:12 AM

hi all, i know i haven't been updating for a while. well it's because i just had my last school test (UAS) and i felt relieved. actually i'm going to post my newest post tomorrow. but something happened just now, and it made me terribly sad. i learned one more important lesson in life, where "regret always comes later, when it's all too late". i really hope i have a second chance. well i know i'm not the tidiest or neatest girl on earth, you may assume me as a reckless girl. i'm a messy girl i need to say that word even though i'm trying to avoid it. i mean i know i'm not that bad, but with that attitude i learned an important thing. tonight after i got home, my dad told me that my laptop has just been fixed. i was really excited because i miss my laptop. but when i opened it, i was curious why the laptop seems weird and clean. and i soon realized when i opened the folder, all my folder was gone. i know that maybe this could happened, but i would expect that my hardisk would be ok. well it's not, and i lost all my folder with my pictures with it. what hurts me the most is the fact that i lost all of my important files, my memories through photos, and my passion. so it's really hard for me to accept the fact that this is all my fault.
i can't do nothing right now, but my dad told me that he's gonna find a way for me to get file back. i'm praying that God will give a way.
But this is a lesson for me, to appreciate things around you, to love them fully and taking care of them. but i just hope for miracles, :) I believe God will find a way for me.

Goodnight All,

see you tomorrow!

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