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10:38 PM

 i can't believe how much time goes so fast. i mean in less that 2 weeks i will face UAN, and it means that i'm one more step closer to graduation. at one moment i feel happy, relieved, glad, excited for all the things that i'm gonna do in my long holiday, but at the same time i think i'm gonna miss high school like A LOT. the friends, the teachers (especially for the killer one), my school, my routines, and all the activities that i used to do. i remember myself in High School Musical 3 where all of us are wondering what would we be in our future? are we making the right decision for our future? i mean  university is a big step, it lead us towards our future, and somehow a little voice inside of me said that i'm afraid. even tough with all of that thoughts, i just wish for best for my future, and i believe God will put me in the right path. no worries, just believed :)
by the way, this is another outfit post with one of my fav maxi skirt! can't wait for summer to start! because i'm currently addicted to the Vampire Diaries! really in to this series, and i love the characters. i love Damon a lot, and it would be nice if Elena ends up with Damon :)
top - mom's vintage, pants skirt - ribbon, shoes - hk, accessories - diva and h&m, bag - gift 
and i'm excited for Easter! it's just a few days away, and i'm ready to feel something different in this Easter :)
oh one more thing, the lesson i learned this week is that, "try to see something in another perspective. see something in a positive way when we're facing a problem" you'll end up finding that, that problem is there to made you in to a whole new better person :)

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  1. Hi, i know about your feelings. Cause i also feel like that. Good luck for UAN! Good luck for us! I love your shoes and skirt anyway.


  2. gorgeous palazzo pants!
    oh i hate how time goes so fast now, it's unreal!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. LOVE this, so simple and yet so beautiful

    -LAURA xx

  4. i love your ring and your outfit. and the heels are stunning
    goodluck for you UAN ci .ciayo!

  5. you've an amazing sense of style! :) I love, love your pants, they're so perfect! Great shoes, love it <3

    I'm a new follower, if you want please check my blog back *


  6. omg, super love your top! I've been searching for that kind of white plain top. where did you buy it?

    btw, you have a lovely blog dear.. do you mind to follow each other? I'm having my "Blog Photo Book" giveaway on my blog now. Hope you can drop by and join.. :)

    Good luck for your exam btw!

  7. great pants!

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! :) and thx for following me! will follow you back~~

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  8. What a fabulous outfit ! And THOSE rings !! In fact your whole blog is lovely and great to read <3

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  9. you look so pretty with that maxi skirt! anyway, I know you can face your test well :)
    just pretend that you do UAN for SMP. youre absolutely will do well :)

  10. you look so pretty! love the maxi skirt. great patterns. love the white top and great shoes
    all the best for UAN!

  11. Omgosh, such a cool post, thank you for sharing it. Great pictures! I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog and really love it, would you like to follow each other? I am doing a giveaway on my blog at the moment to win a pair of Dior sunglasses, I would love for you to take part in that.
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  12. love your outfit!
    you look amazing :)

  13. I love just about everything in your outfit; your skirt, top, shoes and accessories are all amazing!
    Good luck with the final weeks of school, make the most that you can out of it! x

  14. oh my god you rings! stunning! I also wanted to write how much I like your skirt and bag but the rings totally took my breath away!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. love your blog and following you from now on! (GFC and bloglovin), check out my blog if you have some time

  15. ive linked you ;)
    love your shoes and the skirt by the way!
    tons of luck for UAN :D


  16. I sincerely like your photos and your blog is just gorgeous!!
    Sending loads of love and following via Bloglovin :)


  17. lovely outfit! I like your statement rings :)
    thanks for your comment on my blog, love your blog too!

    Style, Pose, and Tell

  18. love your shoes sooo much! pretty u anyway:)
    checkout mine if u have a chance dear thankyou<3

  19. I saw that kulot on gogirl! florals are all around,love them! perfect match with the white shirt and heels <3

  20. Lovely outfit! Love the skirt & bag. Cuteness....

  21. hi thank you for your kind comment! i love your look, it's classic and lovely :)

  22. I know right! Time passed so much fast.. I'm in my senior year in high school too, so it means we're gonna be graduating at the same time. It must be hard leaving high school since we tend to have a good friendship at this moment and ahhh beautiful memories! So.. yes of course UN is 9 (OMG NINE!!!) days ahead, please stay healthy and try not to be too stressful and lastly good luck for both of us Steph! :D

  23. yes later you're gonna miss your high school very much! and true that, university is a big step, you have to choose a major which you're interested. by the way, love the shoes :)

  24. omg!! i love your vintage pants skirt , you loks so cute !

  25. Girl, your vintage palazzo pants are fabulous on you!!! You are too cute.

    xx Love & Aloha

  26. nice outfit! :)

  27. aww love your shoes dear :D goodluck for your exam :))

  28. I loveeeeeee your shoes! :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  29. Nice skirt, and that rings are cute :)

  30. love your outlift :)

    please follow my blog :D
    thankyou :D

  31. so beautiful! cute outfit! :D love your ringgs :D



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