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hi all! i had a great day this past few days. i also just got back from a previous trip. today is also a great day, because i love a good Sunday morning.  anyhow, i'm quite excited about this post. because, in this post, i wanna share the things that always made my day! well, i'm the kind of person whose easily get a mood booster. so if i did one of this things, i will definitely be happier!let's start!

1. Playing dress up!
i love doing this, especially this is what i did to keep my blog updated. but this kind a routine goes on, like sometimes in the midnight when i can't sleep, i like to play dress up. just simply playing mix and match with my clothes. even though tidying up again is always the lazy part. 

you have no idea how much i love food! yes, i do adore food. i mean i like eat, and eating always makes me happy, especially if i had my favorite food! but the difficult part is managing my weight, because i can easily get fat if i eat too much. 

3. Reading
i love to read in my spare time! but my favorite is reading novels. i love reading international novels, but still my favorite is the local one. i really adore Indonesian author, because how they write is truly magical! if you know, my fav such as Agness Jessica, Iliana Tan, Sitta Karina, and Winna Efendi. but sometimes reading and old book feels like a treasure, and i often borrow books from my friend. another kind of reading that i like is comic books! but my favorite is only Miiko :) so so cute, and very entertaining!

5. Keeping memories
for me memories are the thing we need to treasure. i admit that i'm not the kind of person who is neat freak, and i'm a bit messy. but i love hanging or placing my photos and maybe special stuff in my bedroom. in below, you'll see a picture of my studying desk. but in there i placed a lot pictures, quotes, drawings, and polaroid photos. i love seeing them when i'm studying or when i'm doing something else!
and i also like to print my photos and placed them in a frame! lovely for room decoration :)

"tell me, who doesn't like shoes?"
i mean for some girls having a closet full of shoes is like a dream come true! yesterday i watched Sex and The City again, and i had my jaw dropped when i saw Carrie Bradshaw's closet. i really wish i had that kind of closet full of shoes and other clothing !

7. Cute stuff
call me childish, but i'm a big fan of something cute! i had a collection of pencil cases full of characters. you can see that giant banana pensil case. :)

8. Music and Making something
i'm not that kind of person who's gifted at playing music, but i do love playing guitar in my spare time. finding the chords, singing, simply make me happy. also i love creating stuff like in Art Attack! using PVA glue and recycle stuff. 
9. Painting
i like to paint using water colors :) also i'm a big fan of colors, and that's why usually i paint something with many colors in it. i did this hobby since i was a kid. i really like how painting make you feel so warm and peaceful at the same time.

10. My Babies
last but not least, i loved my dogs! they are my super mood booster. even though their naughtiness sometimes could get in my head! but i really love them. if you read my previous previous post, you will know that my other 2 dogs had passed away. yes it was hard, but i move on :) the great thing about dog is they have an amazing characters. each is different, and they will entertain you, be loyal to you, in their own unique way.

 well this are my top 10 favorite things / creature :). sometimes you just need to be more susceptible about the things that could make you happy. even the little things could make your day wonderful. simply enjoy life, and think positive! :)

P.S, it's been quite long i haven't posted any outfit post! will post it my next post, Good Day! 

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  1. Interesting activities ! I like your outfit and love your puppies omg you have three ! XD

  2. omg, your dog is so cute! well I think these ten top mood booster also apply on everyone including me. ;)


  3. Cute puppies and interisting things to do for mood booster. :) i'll try some of them if i'm in a bad mood or have nothing to do. :))


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  4. whoa you have lots of gorgeous shoes <3

    Journal J

  5. your shoes collections does makes me envy ,
    you look pretty on the first photo

  6. when i'm at junior / senior high school i also liked to read the agnes jessica's novel hahhaa :P eudoraeudoraa.blogspot.com

  7. aww, great photos. that one under the 'food' section has made me mega hungry!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  8. i love dogs too, i have two and they really made my day <3


  9. Aww, me likey Miiko too! Everytime I read Miiko, I don't even care about my age again, and always being excited for new series! :P
    Anyway, I love your shoes rack and your babies are so cute! <3
    Great post (:


  10. you have a lot of shoes!
    adorable top,! love the texture and colour!!!
    thank you for your wish, dear :)

  11. yeah you're damn right! haha. lets be happy
    this is my first time reading your post. want to fol each other?

    pls check out my blog when you have time :)

    xoxo ♥♥

    grace |
    my blog "Storybook" | Pin For You

  12. you got the same home telephone as mine! hahahahha anywayy cute dogs :3


  13. Oh I love food too ;) We should follow each other and keep in touch ;) xx Melodylouise

  14. Omg I think we're connected to each other. I mean we like almost the same thing and it's crazy hahah.

    Lovely lovely<3

  15. Omg the food looks so delicious! You dogs are uber cute!

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  16. great post, love your top!


  17. the cake looks delicious ! i like to read miiko too :)


  18. Lovely pics! Dogs are sooo cute!

  19. number 10! I wanna meet your 3 babies. I'll be a great aunt for them ;)




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