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finally i'm gonna post about my prom night. the actual date is Tuesday, 5th June 2012, and the theme for our prom was Golden Globes. it was one memorable night! i was actually one of comittee so we need to arrived earlier. after that the party started at 6.30 pm, and all that fun have began! we had games, and also nominees for best dressed, most favorite, most shabby, most hyperbolic, the funniest,  the greediest, and most vulnerable. seriously, this is one of the moment in my life were i will never forget. like what my friend said "High School Never Ends!"
and for the dress, yes all of you most wonder what did i wear. well, this part was full of confussion. the dress that i actually wore, was my sweet 17 dress. the flowery part is a piece of  my sweet 17 dress, and the top i borrowed from my friend, and to give a little touch i add a ribbon in the middle. :)
skirt - pieces of my sweet 17 dress, shoes - c&k, bustie top - borrowed from a friend, acceessories - forever 21 & debenhams.
one of my closest friend! we called ourself MaKoJie (mama koko and jiejie) :p
as you see the background is similar to the real golden globes! and this is also one of my closest friends, the geli club! :)
and as the award, you did remember i mention the most hyperbolic? yes i won. Thank you so much for the award!
my  besties <3
this is me tacking a picture with one and only Jeslina! she's the girl from do visit her, she's awesome! :) i really love her skirt, it's like a giant tutu, but better!
and also spotted, one of my friend dressing as Audrey Hepburn!
meet the best dressed girl! her name was Anselia Sebastian, she is the daughter of Jeanny Ang. love the details of her dress!
and lastly this is the decoration! at the end of the event, we had this silence moment. where we were given 3 flowers, red, pink, and white. red for love, pink for friendship, and white for forgiveness. this was a very touching moment in the event, where we cried a lot. there's a lot of tearful moment where we realized how close we are as family. :')

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  1. Reading your post brings so much memories about my Prom Night last year! :") Nice dress!

  2. omg your skirt !!!!! you're very cute stef :)

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  4. congrats for the award and your dress very nice!

  5. your dress is so cute and it looks like you had fun, great photos :)

  6. you look pretty, dear!! you look great on pink!
    congrats on your graduation!

  7. You wow me dear! I'm in love with your prom dress :) Nice post!

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. Omg this is so special, that dress is extraordinary, never seen anything quite like it. You look like a fairy.

  9. your dress a cute abis ! and promnya gila keren jg ya hehe nice concept :)

  10. hey, u look the prettiest out there, literally! (: (: (: so whr r u going to continue your study?

  11. You so beautiful girlie! Love your bright dress~ in that line of girls you defo stood out! ^_^

  12. wow. beautiful outfit :D and love your flower headpiece

  13. you look stunning!! love the dress!<3

  14. i definitely miss prom during high school! seems like you had fun! lovely color dress!

    thank you so much for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  15. ouuuhhh so you go to santa laurensia school ayy!!! that dress is so pretty ;D

  16. so adorable! :D

  17. beauty girls :)
    i adore your dress :)

  18. Wow so envyyy my school don't let us make a prom night >:( btw I love ur dress u look so gorgeous sweety ! :)

  19. totally adorable.. nice prom. :)

  20. Wow this looks like awesome fun! And your dress...omg so pretty!! What a great idea to mix and match it and create one dress <3 It truly is stunning ^_^

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  21. great fotos, and your dress is wonderful, really love it :*

  22. oohhh that dress is super pretty!!!
    love it!

    xo, Carla

  23. love love love your dress, and the theme is great too!

  24. You look so cute!!! That dress is really pretty :) Hope you had the best time at prom!


  25. Omg supercute dress there! Congrats for graduating anyways :)


  26. senior prom is one of the best school memories! you look dashing, great choice of color.


  27. Cute dress! You look like a little flower fairy, so adorable dear

  28. love this dress and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  29. great dress, pantas aja dapat nominasi :D congrats buat award terlebay'nya juga ya, hihihi. moment SMU memang layak untuk dikenang selalu ;)

  30. Adorable! I love your make-up as well!

  31. great photos!
    super love your dress dear <3

  32. your dress are A-MA-ZING! and its A-DOR-ABLE! <3

  33. Your dress is so beautiful.

  34. Hi
    Nice prom dress should be funky. So that it would be memorable. Add everything to your evening gown the uniqueness, the quality and the refinement.

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