summer rush

2:07 AM

i've been away for so long, and i'm so sorry for that. i'm not trying to make excuse for my absence, but there are a lot of happenings lately. honestly, i'm wrting this post in a rush, because tomorrow i will be leaving  to  Singapore! gosh time do flies so fast. i can't believe it, it seems like it was yesterday i just started holiday, and now it's over. *BIG SIGH*
anyway, i'm excited to start my new life there! of course i'm still nervous, but i do hope for the best! :)
oh yeah, this post was took last Saturday, when i went to Skye with 2 of my closest friend. 
the view from Skye. Fabulous!
before we went there, we ate my homemade famous "Bakmoy". Bakmoy is a javanese food from Surabaya. it tastes yummier if you eat it with petis. yumm!
i really do miss this moment, where i used to make up together with my friend before parties or anywhere. excuse my horrible face expression ;)
what i wear
top - unbranded, skirt - cocopink, shoes - hongkong, bag - celine, accessories - forever 21
and this is a gift i made for my friend! so if you're wondering, why i look like a mom, and my friend look like my babies.. it's because we called our self Makojie. Mama, Koko, and Jiejie. this is one of my craziest moment in highschool, making groups with silly names. 

love all of this color combination! don't you feel the summer vibe? anyway if you see that pink samsung galaxy note, it's my friend's. and the  purple tribal phone is mine! i just pimped my phone ;)

'I really do hope that i can rewind time and start holiday all over again. but it's not possible. wish me luck in Singapore  i'm sure a lot of new adventure awaits me :)

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  1. Oh have a good time in Singapore.xx

  2. love the bag!!
    goodluck on the new chapter! :D

  3. all the best dear!! You can do it! ^_^

  4. I thought it was at Jakarta lol they're havin' the same building ya :O anyway I love your outfit ! You look glamor :)


  5. Are you moving to Spore for study, Stephanie? Good luck & take care.

  6. really like your bag :) anyway amazing photos :D love the pink samsung

  7. Good luck for your every projects in Spore.
    you got a good style, didn't you?
    and bakmoy, it's traditionally tasty. love it!

  8. great photos! you look cute and i love the bag :)

    Hei Echa!



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