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hi guys, it's been a really long long time since my last post. when did the last time i post something on my blog? 3rd October 2012? GOSH, it's really long, it's been 7 months and 28 days!!  i know excuses may not cover me this time, and i admit time is the problem for me. well, i'm gonna share the story first about what's been happening to me lately. i'm gonna tell like every little detail about it, so mind for the long post :)
so i've been living in Singapore because in my last post i mention that i went for college here. for my first year i took Diploma for Economics, so i studied things like Maths, Statistic, Accounting, Banking, Finance, and Intro to Econs. so how were the subjects? well since i'm a science students, i'm not really used to all of these subjects. at first i struggle, i asked myself a question, "why can't i study the things i want? why am i not studying things that are more fun like, art, fashion? why?" i started to think, and a friend of mine told me, don't complain, you'll never know what it's gonna turned out, but just try to enjoy studying it. i tried to at that time, i put my time studying, and maintaining my life, and yes i am surprised  i enjoyed it. i'm not gonna say i love it, but i'm grateful for it. you know it's true, when parents think that they have the best decision for you. at first you may not see it, but when you try to enjoy it, you will see the big picture somehow :) 
another story to tell is what i've been through in my social life. i got a roommate in my dorm (some of my friends got the single room ones, some double), and i learned one important lesson. you may not 'click' with everyone. no matter how hard you try to be nice, the may just be like ignorant and like "whatever". so i faced quite an interesting experienced with my roommate for the past 4-5 months, but i'm grateful for that experienced. i learned a valuable lesson, and i'm happier now. 
For my friends, i am really blessed to have them! i have few friends that also go to the same degree as me, and we were really close now. Also the friends i met here was incredibly awesome. i really do believe that God puts you in a place for a reason. I met people that makes me feel like home (i don't feel homesick at all), and those people are also the one that help me to be more closer with God. i joined an Indonesian community in my university, and through this community i experienced once in a lifetime experienced. so this story is a bit long on it's own so i will elaborate it in the next paragraph.
i always had a passion for acting. some people called me Drama Queen, but i do believe they say this for a good reason. well i enjoyed performances of dramas back in my high school  and i always enjoyed public speaking, so i cast for an audition for a Big Drama by the Indonesian Community. i need to show my singing and my acting skill, and to cut it straight forward i got one of the lead role! i have dance and sing (at the same time), in front of like 500/600 peoples, and let me tell you. it was a nerve wrecking experience, it was a big deal because to watch this performance you need to buy tickets, and we performed at National Library Singapore. in the end the tickets was sold out, and we did an amazing job! oh yeah, the whole drama itself was called INSIGHT 2013, and through INSIGHT i am also thankful to find these group of people that i called family now! we are so close, and for me they are my brothers and sisters :). and since then, i am truly amazed how my first year in Singapore. i learned many valuable lessons, and basically you just gotta enjoy the ride. don't judge the way things gonna end at the first sight, you just gotta let go and accept reality.
now i am back in Jakarta for my holiday about 3 months, and i'm ready to get back on track with my blog, hope to see all of your comments and stay tune! promise, this time no more excuses, and i'm ready to blog!
dress - katelove, shoes - decimalshoes, bag - topshop, accessories - forever21, bowler hat - bugisstreet


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  1. nice dress :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    Miss Aa

  2. super cute dress dear ^^

    By the way, I have a new giveaway on my blog for Indonesian blogger! The prize is UP shoes from <3 Please visit my blog to join :

    Thank youuuu <3


  3. hi stephanie! thanks for dropping by on my blog. omg i'm just like moving to singapore too to continue my study there! im taking finance major also ._. kamu di uni apa? :D anyway, followed your blog and i really heart your dress!

  4. love that dress! cute outfit! xx

  5. that dress! cuteness overload <3


  6. that dress is sooo lovely, omg! <3 and love the shoes too! you look great! xx

  7. Great post;) and welcome back :)
    Love your style!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog and I followed u:*
    Kisses x
    keep in touch!

  8. I feel your pain! I've been living in a dorm as well back in malaysia last time.
    anyhow thanks for the follow, i'll follow you back! cute daisy dress by the way ;)

  9. So cute! Happy to read that you blog again :) Following now on GFC! Hope you have a look at my blog too <3

  10. Love how feminine this dress it. The print is adorable!

  11. Love this vintage look so much! You look amazing dear. And oh, I share the same ordeal. I live in a dormitory too. :)
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

    xx, Mela

  12. very very like your post. has its own uniqueness. love it.
    I follow your blog now. Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

  13. so cute your dress!!!

    xoxo kisses from spain!!

  14. nice dress

  15. gorgeous dress<3

  16. nice dress, and nice to see you back on blogging!

    mind to follow each other? :)

  17. Love the dress~!These pictures are amazing! Love them! Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

    Oh, I just started following you by the way, on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you come by my blog! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it?

    These are my links hun <3:
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    Hope you come by soon!

  18. Pretty dress!

  19. welcome back to blogging world :D you look pretty in that color!

    Pudding Monster

  20. cute dress!
    thank you for your comment on my blog pretty!
    let me know if you want to follow each ;)

    Wulan Wu on



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