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so hello guys! this is a post about yesterday, i'm gonna tell you what happened yesterday! yesterday was ok, yet i am so lazy to do anything. i picked up my brother today from the airport, and the we went for lunch and church! today was all about quality time with family, oh yeah HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all fathers out there! i think we should celebrate fathers day just like mothers day! i'm grateful to have my DAD he is amazing!
so next topic, lately i'm really into reading (i'm not that kind of 'non fiction' readers that are really intelligent) but i do like the feeling of the reading, and oh! i also been trying to get my life more balance by doing more sports. talking about sports.. i've never been that sporty girl in my whole life! i've tried playing soccer.. but then i let someone made a goal on my team.. i've tried basketball, but when i got the ball i got to excited and i ended up made a shoot on the other team's ring (oopsiee...) then i tried so many sports, and yes i suck at it. but i finally found the one sport that really accept me for who i really am which is.... SWIMMING! yeah who doesn't like swimming? it is very relaxing, no sweaty feeling, and very relaxed :') totally love that after swimming feeling! moreover... i'm about to start something interesting next week, but i can't tell what is it in my blog, but i will soon give hints! and today look was all about trying to look smart? hahaha, ok i haven't got many shots, this is all i got! :D
top - bugisstreet, legging  - forever21, bag - grandma's vintage bag
this time i do wear glasses now, because back in Singapore i liked to study in the dark (weird habits i know), and then when i got back, i got a minus in my two eyes. *sigh*
and below i will post photos that are amazing, i just gotta share it with you guys!
Restaurant near Sanyou Cave above the Chang Jiang river, Hubei , China
i forget the name of the place, but this is located in Dubai! all interesting buildings suppose to be located in Dubai right? 
for me this picture is quite interesting because of the giant rubber duck. i really wish i had one, that would be nice!
and this is one of my dream vacation, to go canoeing in a super see through water! the water is amazing. i think lately i'm obsessed with vacation that relates to water hihi.

one last thing, this one i just gotta share it. so i always had a bad history with technology, well let's just i'm not that careful on holding my technology. so here is the story, iPod has always been an important gadget for me. even though i have my phone, and other sources where i can use the mp3 player, i still need my iPod. everywhere i go, i always use my iPod, when i'm studying, or walking, jogging, shopping, my iPod is always there for me. so when my first iPod broke down because of the LCD i'm really sad. the iPod is still in good function, but i just can't see the screen because the LCD crack. so then i decided to buy my friend's old iPod. it's the old model, but it's still good to hear music with it, but suddenly, i lost it when i was in the Coffee bean. so that situation was hard for me, no iPod *sigh* then i told my brother, where can i find a good quality secondhand iPod? because i don't need a new one, a secondhand one is good enough for me... the TADAAAA he surprised  me yesterday by knocking on my door and said "happy early birthday present!" gosh i'm truly blessed to have him as my brother, he is sweet in his own ways! <3 nbsp="" p="">
and the color is blue, my fav color!
well have a good day guys!! see you in my next post! hugs,
xx. SG

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  1. aww it's so cute! Siblings are the best :)

  2. Seems you have a nice weekend..:D love your preppy look..and i want that canoe! haha...


  3. nice photos! i followed you back :)

  4. yea! awesome blue <3 love d preppy look <3

    Love a Bunch,

  5. how cool is your post. I was immediately captivated by your style! Will you see my blog??? I really hope you're taking the time to see it ...
    thank you

  6. i love this look!
    so classy and sweet!
    it's been a long time since the last time i saw your blog.
    how i miss it ,xx

  7. aaa, I love your look, kind of geeky but flirtatious as weel. :3
    can't wait for your next post :)
    stay pretty dear :3

    p.s the rubber duck is quite a hit LOL

  8. love this geeky look but it looks pretty too

    style frontier

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  10. you look more cute with glasses. perfect mix and match <3

  11. love this look!

  12. Perfect match jeans shirt with sweater !

    Chic Swank

  13. Great pictures of Dubai! Love the one with the swimming pool! Love the outfit!
    Hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  14. loving your outfit here, pretty! xx

  15. Perfect mix :D

  16. you look amazing!
    and beautiful photos :)


  17. I love the sweater of your denim! And geez, these vacation spots look amazing!

  18. i love your outfit <2
    it's so classy and preppy !
    and you look pretty on that outfit !


  19. You look studious in the outfit! And wow that's hell of a location for a restaurant in China. :P Anyway thank you for following me dear, I'm also following you back on GFC now! x

    many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

  20. simply gorgeous! :)
    i have followed your blog, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  21. you have some really nice inspiration here

    much love from NYC

  22. that's a fantastic place, i've never been! you look cute by the way, your hair cut suits you well and the big framed glasses are perfect!


  23. What a nice match. And i like your hairstyle.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)

  24. Lovely mix and match <3 and loving the inspiring picture as well!

  25. cute legging. awesome vacation pictures :)

  26. love your top and hair!!<3
    wow, amazing place in Dubai! XD

  27. omg your hair so pretty !! i love your outfit too. Btw please vote and join my giveaway maybe you're the lucky one

  28. this so lovely look :) :)

  29. love your floral bottoms!! and that purse is so chic!

    Click me for my BLOG!

  30. Omg it's similar with my sister..she got me an ipod nano, the pink one. Siblings are the best<3 and btw I love you legging ;)
    Visit my blog whenever u had a chance, and would you like to follow each other?

  31. Love your beautiful blog! You are such a wonderful person, do you want to follow each other on bloglovin, we could keep in touch though?? it would be a pleasure for me. just let me know, it would be very great, honey!

  32. cute outfit and you look pretty<3
    your brother is so sweeet! just don't break it or lose the ipod this time haha btw I'm following your blog now :D

  33. Your outfit is so cute! Love the shirt and sweater combo :)

    Blog | Cocochic
    Bloglovin |

  34. Cute floral leggings <3 And the cave restaurant is just so cool, I wonder how did they bulit it!!

  35. lovely look <333 nice combo!
    that restaurant at China looks so cool! nice post :)


  36. I love your outfit, it looks amazing on you. :)
    And all these lovely pictures make me want to go on
    a holiday. ;)

  37. I just bumped into your blog and after scrolling through your posts, I must say I really like it :) How about we follow each other? :)

    Kisses from Zurich,



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