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HI MY DEAR READERS! so okay, i've been away for a month i think, and i do miss blogging! and i just realized, i really need to be committed to blogging, so i'm just gonna keep on going! :) so what happened in a month? lots of thing of course. let me give a hint what i've been doing hihihi, first i got an intern at some place in accounting thingy, then i got to keep up with lots of my friends, some of them are already back to their countries!, then i keep on practicing my mandarin skill (so hard thou), then got to a reconciliation "Youth Camp" really amazing! then i last week i went to Singapore to take care few things (also fun!), then i got to read more books (which is on my to do list this holiday) then yesterday i got to celebrate my birthday at an orphanage! really amazing and i feel blessed to experience all of this!
anyhow, fashion is still on my mind, i got a few new items that i just bought, will share it with you guys in my next post, then this post is actually an old shoot! i wear the same top and outer, but just different pants and skirt! Happy Monday!
 top - mom's, outer - bershka, pants - hongkong, accessories - hnm, shoes - bershka
 skirt - zara,belt - randomshop

actually nothing much that i can post here, i took a lot of pics on my phone, but most are so random! haha so this one is a few of clouds ( my favorite scenery ), i took it when i was in a plane to Singapore!

and this is one of the pictures when i

 well i look horrible in this photo, but look at the kids! they are so happy when you just take the camera and said "let's take a picture!"
and can you just imagine a cute little baby like this left alone in an orphanage? so sad

and this was an amazing experience for me, to care more about what others need, we should care more and do more for them! Have a great day!

xx. SG

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  1. lovely outfit you got there and yes I also feel sorry for them, being left by their parents :(


  2. nice skirt <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  3. i really love your floral pants >< do you get internship in singapore? gdluck!! sharing our happiness with children in need is really fun and great indeed :)

  4. great look! i love the cardigan <3

  5. Love it!
    Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC and bloglovin =)



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