independence day

8:37 PM

hi there! first of all HAPPY 68th INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA! so proud to be Indonesian, proud of my country, we got ups and downs, but yeah i'm still proud of it ;)
so this post is kind a late, because now is 20th August hahaha, but is better than nothing right? so this is how i spent my Independence Day!
top - zara, skort - zara, shoes - hongkong, bag - gaudi, accessories - hnm
so we went to have lunch and desstert after it, just a simple catch up, because actually i'm not feeling that well. first we went to a famous new cafe called Koultura located in West Jakarta. the food was simple but yet taste like a bomb! so cozy nice and just great for having a good talk. also this is my friends from high school! love them to the moon and back (so mainstream phrase haaha), but so glad to spend time with them! we got separated by distance, Singapore (me), Vancouver (J), and Indonesia (H)
and i kind a wonder, what if i have a long hair? what if i died my hair ombre? well this was a crazy idea, i borrowed my friend hair and put in under my hair and voila! a fake hair green hair extension!
Croque Madame
it's basically a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon inside, taste amazing! 
and the classic Caesar Salad
to finish it, i had HongTang. yes for you who live in Jakarta, you will know that this is a mainstream dessert. a Taiwanese Dessert that taste ok ;)


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  1. hahaha I thought that was your hair!
    nice skort! thinking to buying the same one


  2. you look pretty and first I thought that was your real hair, lol xx

  3. Hongtang is so good! I went there when I was in Indo. hahaha. nice outfit and cool hair. I thought it was real :O

  4. awesome outfit!!!! you look super gorgeous in that red top:)
    thanks for your comment dear♥

  5. The foods look super yummy and nice outfit :)

  6. Hello again, Stephanie! I wonder how'd it be if our national flag had flowers as well haha pretty top! Never heard such Hong Tang in Surabaya anyhow, is that green tea ice cream topping the bowl?

    Freedom & Its Owner -

  7. omgomgg i love your ombre hair >< the extension works so good! anyway im craving for the skortsss



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