Summer! (Day- 5)

5:11 AM

 Hi there dear readers! How have you been? I know, I've been away for so long.. I realized that my last post was last year.. Oh my... But the thing is, keeping up with this blog had been a challenge since a very long time. As you guys know, I lived in Singapore, and to find a time to take a photo and post about it was hard. Sometimes I think, if you want to be a professional blogger you need to have your own personal photographer (which is much easier than self timer.. HAHA agree? ) 
Anyway, i'm back, and on this Summer i'm ready to fill my blog with the things i love to do the most, which is Fashion! However, on this summer i will post something more than just my OOTD. I've decided to change my blog from a Fashion journal, to be more like my Daily Journal +  Fashion. Sounds lame? No worries, because I've realized that i am no expert in the blogging world. What I am expert at is telling stories, and i love sharing my story with you guys :) So this post will be the start of my Story on this summer!
Let me tell a bit of my story since the beginning of 2014. 2014 is one unique year for sure! I've been facing things that required me to step out of my comfort zone. Honestly sometimes i want to run away from reality, because i was so afraid. But the thing is, running away won't solve anything. I gave my all to God, and He gave me strength! How awesome is that guys? I've become stronger now, and I tend to see things from the bright side now. Spreading positive vibe is much better right than being negative!
Talking about comfort zone.. You know, once i had this big dilemma, and my brother gave me a really wise answer. He said, "When you grow up, life is not going to treat you the you way you wanted it to be. You will have to make choices and that require you to make sacrifices. That's why people said being a child is much better than being grown ups." The idea of sacrifices terrified me. Honestly i always want things to go the way i planned it to be. I'm a planner, i made to do lists everyday. Also, living in Singapore for almost 2 years turned me into an active person. It's like you can not waste one day just doing nothing. Scary right? well That's Singapore guys, They made you more "kiasu" than ever.
Somehow, i'm getting use to this change, to prioritize everything into order, However i'm still nervous in doing the things that are new to me. You see, this summer is not just about "FUN", i see myself this year with the theme "Growing Up". I will work this summer as an intern, and that idea of work, also terrified me. Then I also have summerschool this upcoming July! I'm so nervous, but the idea of studying abroad, specifically UK excites me! But still, i'm excited in this process called growing up, it may require some changes, but i'm sure it is for the betterment :) Sometimes you just gotta try new things out of your comfort zone, and let God shows you the things according to His view, which is perfect!
Sorry for the long thoughts, but this is just me. I'm being myself, and this is my thoughts. Anyway back to the Fashion world, here is my OOTP ( Outfit of Today's Post ), Recently I really like crop top , and long high waist skirt as always!
top - Editor's Market, Skirt - MDS, Bag - Debenhams, Accessories - Scape and Ruby , Shoes - Bershka

And a little update on my new hobby! i love make up, and Youtube lately. I love watching Makeup tutorials and vlogs! I'll keep you guys updated on my makeup diary soon!

See you later! Be blessed!

Stephanie Gee

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  1. you look beautiful <3
    and I agree with what your brother said, being an adult means more responsibilities to take care of but look at the bright side, we have more freedom to do whatever we want hehe
    hope your internship goes smoothly!!

  2. Wuhuuuuuu love your clutch, esp.the pattern so "roarrrrrr" ,hihiiiii:)

  3. I'm falling in love with your top :D


  4. stunning
    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?




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