Summer! (Day-34)

5:38 AM

"Be Courageous! you are born to be a fighter. In all circumstances put your faith on test, and let God bring you to victory."
- Stephanie Gracia - 

Hi there dear readers, i've been away for almost 2 weeks from the blogging world, and i am sorry for that! My leisure time has been so messed up these past weeks! I got home from work at an uncertain time due to traffic. You know how horrible it was? I could be in my car for about 4 hours until i got home. Pretty crazy ? i know right. Anyway, I want to keep you guys updated with my story. 
Here is a bit of my thoughts on this internship. Honestly guys, this is way far from my comfort zone. working is not easy at all, and there are times where I felt like i want to give up and just pursue in something that i like which is fashion. However, i know that this is not something that i was called to do, so i can not give up! well, i have been working as an intern for 4 weeks now. Next week sum up my last week, which i am excited about because i can finally focus on my summer projects! it's time to be productive! Anyhow, back to the intern story. i was assigned in the markets division. Fyi if i haven't mentioned before my internship was in a bank (not going to mention the name here). 
Honestly, i love studying. i know i'm a freak, but yeah i love to read, and write about what i study. but if you ask me to apply it to the real work? i might need a time, because my brain needs time to connect all the information that i know. Then there were moments where i felt like i didn't fit in with my job, people were like so professional! there were times where i had my bad days, and locked my room and cried. but i know, this is something good for me, it teaches me to be tough and to step out from your comfort zone! i have decided to give this area a shot, finally i got something plan out for my future, and yes it doesn't revolve around fashion, but i know this is the right thing to do. On the bright side, this intern brought me to a whole new exposure in the banking world, which is complex but still exciting. Then i also got a new habbit there, something that i rarely did before. In the morning i usually keep myself updated with the markets, financial world, politics, news, and etc. Something that is so new to me, but it's ok :) well that's the summary of what happened to me these past weeks.
Back to the fashion topic! so here i'm wearing one of the tightest cropped top ever! i bought this at Scape Singapore, and didn't try this one before (kinda stupid i know haha). Gladly it fits me, but it's so tight! it's very hard to get it out hahaha. As for the bowler hat, i bought it last year ar the Bugis Market. so basically this whole look i bought it at Singapore. Gosh i miss Singapore so much!
 top - scape market, skirt - scape market, accessories - urban outfitters, hat - Bugis Street, shoes - unbranded
 keep yourself healthy guys! lately the weather is really bad! so i've been obsessed with green juice! this is my version of green juice (spinach, cucumber, caisim, lemon, apple, pineapple )
Have a great days guys! God Bless! oh yeah for those who will fast, "Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa" :)


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  1. nice skirt! You look so sweet. would you mind following me back?

  2. you look fabulous! love the top and the skirt, keep the good things up. looking forward to your next post anyway! :)

  3. i like your skirt, so pretty!


  4. supper pretty!
    love your skirt and top <3

    Ruby and Rosa

  5. Pretty! I've followed u back ;)


  6. thanks for following me dear.. i am following you too now!

  7. I love your top!

    xo Diras
    fashion blogger

  8. look super lovely. thank you for visiting my blog and leave a comment.

  9. Hi dear! I love watching women's blogs of foreign countries. I have the chance to see look as nice as this. I like very much this midi skirt. I'm a blogger from Italy. If you want, take a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Kisses,

  10. Great outfit dear, look so beautiful :D


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    Mary Rigby

  12. youuu look so chic, so beautiful:) love love love...

    from Borneo, Indonesia:)
    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  13. Oo, I really like your outfit. xa



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