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"If we know our own values, we should learn to appreciate them. Don't let anybody determine who you are, because you are valued in God's eyes."

Hi guys! I'm back in jakarta for a while, and I did enjoy my holiday here. But I miss being active, I miss Singapore like a lot, I miss my friends there, and every little things about Singapore.. Well, I'm coming back soon! I'm flying to Singapore this Thursday, and then back to the old routines :) any how, I want to share something I learned this week. We can't be people pleaser. How many times in your life you tend to sacrifice your own principle/opinion/feelings just to make other people happy? To make them satisfied with you? Don't get me wrong, making people happy is a wonderful feeling, It's a good deed. But the wrong this when you try too hard, when you let yourself to always say Yes no matter what, when you no longer hold what you believe in.. All I can say, and base from my own personal experience, I'm tired pleasing everyone. I used to be a people pleaser, Always wanting to make everyone around me happy, make them valued me, make them satisfied with my appearance. However I'm tired doing that, because no matter how hard I've tried I never going to be good enough for them. Thankfully, God has set my mind on the right path. I will keep on doing the right thing, but I will not try to satisfy everyone around me. I don't care about other people's judgement. They may judge me, it's a free thing but I wouldn't care. I only care about what God sees in me, He is the only judge of my life.
NOW! It's time for my OOTP (Outfit of Today's Post) time. Yes i'm comfortable wearing blues, specifically dark blues. I love this top, but as you can see the top was actually modified. I bought the top 2 years a go, but never wear it because the model was weird. Then I went to my tailor, modified it, and I liked it :). Oh yeah, I know i've been so bad updating my blog lately, and it's not that I don't care about my blog, it's just the timing. I promise in Singapore I will try to update regularly! I truly feel like myself writing this blog, and I really appreciated each one of you who followed me. Will share my blog story soon, how it all started!
top - urban outfitters, pants - unbranded, shoes - bershka, bag - marc jacobs, accessories - scape market
And in what I have mentioned before, I like make up a lot right now. I'm learning everyday, and will keep you guys updated! so now in every post, i will also share my MOTD (Make Up of The Day), so here it goes : 
Foundation : Mac NC 25
Moisturizer - Simple
Concealer / Highlighter - Maybeline Anti Aging (Light), Mac NC30, Bobbi Brown Cream Foundation (Sand), Revlon Photo Ready (005), No 7 (Champagne)
Eyeshadow - NYX Eyeshadow base, Mac (Orange) , Black Up (Electric Blue), Naked Palette (Virgin and Buck)
Bronzer - NYC (Sunny) and The Balm (Bahama Mama)
Lipstick - NYX Lip Cream (Istanbul)

See you in my next post!

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  1. That top is so cute!!:3
    And your hair is cute too!!:3

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  2. I love your top! the print is so nice and the color too<3 it looks great on you and it's a good thing you went to modify it ;D

    Deasy Tantra



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