All About London (part 2)

7:57 AM

This is my second post explaining my summer that i spent in London. I never get tired saying this but, London was magical. Every single bit relating to London gave me goose bumps. Anyway, i will give you guys a bit update about me before i'm going back to Singapore. Currently as you all know, i'm studying in Singapore majoring Banking and Finance, and this term going to be my last year. It's not going to be an easy year, but i love my university, i love the people there, and i love Singapore. As for my future, i'm starting to consider few options on what should i do. Hopefully i have a clear vision soon, and can start preparing for what next. :)
Now let me introduce you to one of the best University in London, which is London School of Economics and Political Science. This was the university I attended for Summer School. It's located in the center, so it's easy to travel around town after class. Everyday i had mini class for 1 hr and 3 hrs lecture. I love meeting new people, so it was a fun time, because everyday you met someone new. On the other hand.. I miss Indo food so badly, in there i only ate sandwiches, western, and a bit of chinese. I gotta admit, Indonesia Cuisine is one of the best in the world!
OMG guys i tried Burger and Lobster!The lobster what one of the best i had in my life! so juicy, and you can feel the butter melts in your mouth!
Convent Garden London :)

Selfie with the British Museum
Art, yes i love them.
Kezia, Me, Catherin

Liberty, London
The amazing view of  Red Zone in Natural Gallery Museum
I miss you girls!

I'm going to miss you London, thank you for being good to me :)
Thank you for all the memories,
Thank you for all the people i met there,
Thank You God for all of this,

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  1. soooo jealous looking at these photos! it seems like so much fun and excitement. i hope i can go there someday ^^



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