All About London (part 1)

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"Life is like a camera, Just focus on what's important. Capture the good times, Develop the negatives and if things don't work out, Just take another shot."
Hi guys! i know i've been away for a month or so, and i haven't updated my blog for a while. so sorry for my excuse, but i will explain everything in my posts! First i just want to say I had the most amazing Summer ever! seriously i'm so thankful for this summer. I did so many things that i never imagined before. I did my internship in bank (amazing working exposure for me), then i got to spend time with my friends, quality time with family, spending a lot of me time (i really enjoyed it!), and last but not least, I GOT TO EXPERIENCE SUMMER SCHOOL, and the cool part is that, i went to LONDON! wohoo.
ok i know i might sound a bit hyperbolic.. but seriously guys, i had an amazing time! So first thing let me told you that i went to London School of Economics (LSE) for summer school, and my course it's called Financial Markets. This course was tough, but the experience was worth to bear. Anyway, the point that i'm trying to make here is not just about my course. It's about putting yourself out from your comfort zone. As you all may know, i'm a post graduate student in Singapore, and honestly most of the people i met there were Indonesians. Don't get me wrong, i love my Indonesians friends, however sometimes i feel like i never had the courage to interact with someone out from my country, or at least someone on the other side of the world. I always felt like i'm too shy to start a conversation, or to make a good impression or etc. Thank God, things like that won't matter anymore. In this summer school i got the oppurtunity to introduce my self, and not just about me, i can introduce my country, Indonesia to other people. How cool was that? It felt so surreal until now, sometimes i even had to pinch myself. Anyway, I will post about my adventure there! so stay tune :) Here is the first part.

So on 24th of July 2014 we arrived in London. We went to our friend's place, took shower, changed our clothes, and then start our adventure in London! first stop, one of London's famous market, The Borough Market.

 I really like the atmosphere here, were people can chill with their friends while having lunch.

 The oh so famous, St Paul's
 Then.... Another adventure began when we went to Edinburgh. I'm very fascinated by their Scottish culture. We had to try something scottish, that's for sure. So we had a proper Scottish Breakfast :) (we had Haggis)

 me and my crew! in this photo there were 2 Indonesians (Me and the my friend left side), and the rest Singaporeans! Really glad i had the chance to know these people! they were amazing, we did so many fun things together.
 Edinburgh Castle
One of the most unique experience i ever had. Living in a container hostel!
 Then we were back to London to start our Summer School. But on Sunday, i got to experience my first Hillsong church! so excited, they were amazing, and the service was great :)! For your information, i'm a catholic, but i'm open minded and really in to anything God related. So being in one of the top church in the world was amazing :)
Then for our 2nd weekend, we went to OXFORD. Yes it was amazing too, full of old ancient building, and somehow you got the "smart" vibe here.
 US AGAIN <3 left="" p="" right="" to="">
Alan, Chew Yin, Jolene, Miaow, Leonard, Wilex, Me, Catherin, Kezia, Bruno
 and we shopped at Bicester Village. End of result, this is what we did..
 Then went to Emirates Airlines, to ride a cable car, and experience air flight navigation. 
 later that night, i went to see the famous musical, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. so amazinggggggg
 Me standing in front of Harry Potter's house, in the Warner Bros Studio.
See you on my second part of this post! Hope you guys had a wonderful summer :) Because as for me, i will start my 3rd year soon. I will try to update as constant as possible, keep up with me!

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