The Stairs

9:25 AM

"There is no elevator to success, You have to take the stairs"
Life is like when you take the stairs, you keep on climbing step by step, even though sometimes it's hard to see the destination. But when you stop, and look back, you've realized how many steps you have conquer, and that motivates you to keep moving forward. Well, that's just a philosophy. but the thing is, each of our life have different phases, and you just have to have that faith, to believe that you can do it.
Then you may think, why am I talking about stairs? Well, I'm trying to make a point obviously, because the wait is over. After 3 months since I graduated from my University, I will start my new phase of life, which is working. I'm terrified, but it's a new start, I want to keep my optimism, my enthusiasm, and no complaining in the struggle, just face it and be happy about it :) 
Also, I'm coming back to Singapore soon! So when you see my posts (the ones with the longer hair), you know that are my saved photos for the upcoming blogpost! Super excited to share more on my upcoming journey towards adulthood ----------> working world!

Here are my shots that I took weeks ago when my hair was still long. Super in love with this skirt that has a slit by MDS. This skirt was love at first sight for me!

Have a good day people! Thanks for visiting my blog 


Stephanie Gee

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