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Hi Guys! So It's been a week since I came to Singapore to start my new chapter of life, and I'm on Page 1 right now. Life moves forward, and I'm ready to write my story. So current updates : I'm back to Singapore to work, and for information I work in the retail industry! Soon I will reveal every single detail, but for now let's keep it that way 

So, I learned the theory now, like when you haven't experience a certain thing, you wish you were on the other side of another thing. Example : when I was still on my holiday mode waiting for my working pass, I kept saying this to my mom "Gosh, I miss doing something that required my brain, my energy, I miss school too.. I want to work ASAP mom!" well now when I finally started my day 1 of work I can finally say, It was hectic, and it required a lot my energy. 

I remembered during my first day of training I met a friend my fellow colleague and He said,"As long as you remember your passion, why at first you wanted this job so much, and keep that passion every single day, you wouldn't feel like as if your working!" That words hit me, and wow that person was amazing, He was that "passionate" type person that simply knew what he wanted to do. Wouldn't it be a dream to know exactly what you're suppose to do in life? And now, it;s officially been 1 week since I started  work, and I want to say, I enjoyed it. Working sure drained my energy a lot, a lot of running (since my work place is so far from home, and I woke up late twice this week), but it's all a part of growing up. When you come to this stage, your perspective will change, and you learn to appreciate little things more. But still, as long as you remember your passion, everything will be ok.

Also, I want to share, it is important to find balance in your life! I discussed this with my best friend few days ago, that it is important for us not be drawn into something so much. Like if you love to work, you put your whole life into it, or if you like to study, you just keep studying without socializing. The point it there's certain time for every thing, there's time where you have to commit to work, there's time where you have to be caring to your family, there's time to keep up with your friends, and there's also time to keep up with your self (me time). So here I am trying to find balance in my life, and make every single day counts. 

 top - The Editors Market, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Style Dasher, bag - Bugis Street
A bit story on today's outfit post, 
I know that I wouldn't have much time to take photo of my clothes all the time since I'm working now, so.... I already saved many pics of my ootd, so that I can keep on blogging frequently! I remembered my passion, and I've decided to keep on going, I want this blog to keep moving forward too :)

Soon I'm gonna share more about Balancing life in my next next post!

Stephanie Gee

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  1. I like this look on you! *Surfing through your blog as I'm randomly missing you* And yes, let's keep going, let's not give up dreams that we've never stopped dreaming :)



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