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identité (french for identity)
the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.
//It takes courage to bring you to the next level//

COURAGE. That word is something that I try to live in now. 

It takes courage to take new opportunity.
It takes courage to see the world from different perspective.
It takes courage to determine your decision.
It takes courage to step out from your comfort zone.

So basically in life, we'll face something that requires a lot faith and a lot of courage. Well, let's just say I'm having this sort of "deep life talk" now since I'm in the middle of this situation. I can't share it yet guys, but soon I will share my experience regarding this area. I've been realizing something tho, am I being to Introvert with my own blog?

 I'm talkative actually, and crazy since high school. But things changed now, I've become more reserved and I also don't know why. But slowly, I'm gonna reveal my bits of my personality and my story here in my blog.
: )

Moving on from this "courage" talk and stuff, let's move on and talk about this shoot.
So guys, in order for me to keep in track with this blog is not an easy journey. I'm not saying this as an excuse, but I think I need to share my struggles just a bit. 

I'm currently employed in Uniqlo Singapore (as I mentioned before), but this job is not like those typical ordinary job. Our day off is not that consistent weekend, but it can be any day within the week. Another thing retail industry requires a lot of your energy, well let's just say I'm always physically tired haha (the positive thing, I did loose weight here *cheers* ). So I tried to utilize my off day to be productive. So what did I usually do? 
Me time, 
Catching Up.
sounds so meh right!
So where does the time for this blog comes in? hehe , even though sometimes it's hard, I'm learning to be committed. So in my spare time I usually took few outfits to somewhere, brought my tripod, and boom that's where the magic happens. People were looking at me as if I'm a weirdo, but I don't care.
As long as it is something you are passionate about, you're developing your talents, why should you care about what other people think. Agree?
top - online shop (forgot the name).
legging pants - Uniqlo
watch - Zalora
necklace - online shop 
heels - charless and keith
 So moral of the story?
Remember who you are deep down in your heart. You're situation could change you. You're education could change you. You're job could change you. You're family/friend could also change you. 
Change is good as long as it's positive. But always remember the person deep inside your heart.

Have a great week ahead guys, see you in my next post!
Stephanie Gee

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