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 food, new places, and long talks, what more can I ask for?

To begin with, let's start with the term "catching up". Well, in Google you can find all kinds of meaning behind those phrase, but for me it means getting to know and keeping in track with your friends/relatives life. I'm the type of person who values relationship. All types of it. Meaning that if I have the chance to meet with someone who I haven't met in a very long time, I would value that time a lot. So here I am, writing this post to value that phrase "catching up".
So this photos actually were taken weeks ago, when a friend of mine came to Singapore. It was a short visit, but I'm glad we got the chance to meet up, and share our long never ending stories. No matter how far you will go in this journey of life, remember those who you meet a long the way. Appreciate their presence in your life.
I met my friend at Bugis for a quick photo worthy cafe, and then went to Bugis famous street "Haji Lane" well just to do a quick photo session! It's always great to find someone who share the same passion as you.
 Details about outfit of the day.
I went for something casual and simple. This top has been in my closet for so long (3 years maybe?) and never got the chance to feel the air since I seldom wear it. So I decided to go with it, and pair it with my favorite ripped jeans from Zara. Bag was from celine, and accessories from Zalora. 
she has a bright personality, meet my friend Febronia.
Now, let's talk about the food post hehe
we try this cafe called Hyde & co
location was at 785 North Bridge Rd, 198753
nearest MRT Station Bugis
food we ordered, Ondeh-ondeh french toast with Ice cream
Chicken and waffle with Honey Dijon sauce
Quick update with my life.
It has been hectic, but still I want to learn to be positive. It's not easy being a positive person, especially when someone or something trigger that inner negative in you. But in the end of the day, It's your attitude that determines your outcome. If i choose to be angry at my situation, I know I will loose my JOY. No one is going to make that decision for you. So be wise in every action you're going to take, 
Another thing regarding work, It has been more challenging than ever. My patience is on the test everyday, but I know I have to control myself. This upcoming June/July going to be tough, so *finger crossed* I can make it through!

For all of you who already enter working life, goood luck! The pressure will always be there, but keep up the positive energy!

More post regarding makeup and beauty is coming soon! 

Stephanie Gee

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