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Some may ask why go to Japan during summer?

well, I say why not? ;)
so I went to Japan earlier this July, precisely from 1th - 9th of July. We went to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Sapporo. So I'm beyond excited to share about this post. I will break the post according to the cities, to make it more fun and simple!

so let's start! first stop,


the thing that amazed me about japan was the culture. you can see many girls wearing a kimono, and you wouldn't judge, because they're wearing it from their heart, like the kimono itself was not just a tradition, but it was also a modern clothing that they're comfortable at. 

another reason was the people. like most japanese people are really into greetings and politeness. like when i offered a chair on the train, the elders would be like "Ahh arigato! arigato! arigato!" so after thanking me 3 times, they would bow 90 degrees. 

also there's this one time, when i accedantally dropped  (30000 yen which was Rp 3,000,000 +/- ) when I bought something at the fending machine ( i know i'm so careless) , but this uncle approached me and gave the money without me even realising that i dropped the money in the first place! Gosh thank you kind uncle!

lastly, the food.  I mean, who doesn't like japanese food? I wouldn't complaint eating ramen everyday!

enough with the talking, here is few of my snapshots !

DAY 1 
Asakusa Senso-ji Temple , Ueno Park, Shibuya Station

 happy girls are the prettiest, agree? :)

top - Editors market
skirt - bugis street Singapore
shoes - Adidas Superstar
bag - Chanel
accessories - bershka

the super famous, Hachiko Statue
location : Shibuya Station Exit

i'm a dog person, so seeing this Hachiko statue got me the feel. It was a reminder 'even a Dog knows how to keep their friendship with their master, and stay loyal', why we as humans can't genuinely love each other and keep that friendship?

next location : Ueno Park 

everywhere there's pretty flowers! i'm obssesed! 

location : Odaiba
famous for their gigantic miniature Gundam

next location : Takeshita Street, Harajuku
and of course you gotta go to DAISO right?

 now let's start talking a bit of the food....

Ichiran Ramen
location : Shibuya

I wish I had enough time to discover Tokyo. It was a fun, and every new places gave excitement on its own! 
next destination  : Osaka

See you there in my next post :)!


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