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Hi there loves 

new post is up, and it's all about Osaka! A great authentic city in Japan, famous for it's takoyaki, and crab, deliciousness, 

Take me back to Osaka, that's what I can only say. The city is full of authentic ness, well Japan is full of it actually. 

So recap of what we did : 

1. Strolling around  in Osaka,specifically we went to Dotonbori.
Yes i did my shopping there hehehe, but I did satisfy my tummy there. You SHOULD and MUST eat the Takoyaki there.

 Takoyaki Dotonbori Kukuru (たこ家道頓堀くくる 本店), Dotonbori
Hakua Building 1F, 1 Chome-10-5 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka (Google Map)

top - Rumah Mode Banding
jeans - ZARA
vest - Wardrobemess
shoes - adidas SUPERSTAR
bag - ZALORA
watch - Daniel Wellington

2. The next day we visit Kobe, and eat their famous Kobe Beef
once again, it is a MUST to visit Kobe and eat their Kobe Beef. Super juicy, super tasty, and overall amazing experience.

Kobegyu Steak Land Kobe
Japan, 〒650-0021 Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, Chuo Ward, Kitanagasadori, 1−8−2, 宮追ビル

3. The next next day, we visited OSAKA temple
It was so HOT, the temperature was 35°C to 36°C so you can tell how difficult it is to stay in that kind of weather..
Osaka Temple
Top - Editors Market
Skirt - Forever 21
shoes - Zalora
bag - Celine
watch - Daniel Wellington

Funny thing about this picture was , I am struggling to walk. It's a brand new shoes, and how smart I was to try it the first time at Osaka Temple. Where in Osaka Temple, you need to walk quite the distance to reach the top. I wasn't complaining with the shoes, but my parents insisted to buy me a new pair of shoes, that's more comfy. As always overtime I went on a trip, I ended up buying a new pair of comfy shoes haha.

See you on my next post!

have a good day to all of you loves,

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visited my blog last time. Oh we have same name too hahaha!
    I love your blog anyway and love your outfit here <3


  2. Thanks for sharing your travel journey. You look chic too! :)


  3. Beautiful photos!
    Stylish look!
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me in blog and in Google+ and I'll follow you back!

  4. aahhhh thankyou for sharing. I think I`ll go to osaka next time.
    Oh, are you in singapore now? I`ll go to SG this weekend. I hope we can meet there. I already sent you mail.

    Putri | shecalledfashion.blogspot.com

  5. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog couple months ago. I love how u designed your blog's template


  6. Love the pictures! Looks like a fun day of strolling around! Richard Butler Creagh



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