little girl and her short trip

9:04 AM

just got back from a very short trip. you know, there's this things called hope in my life that is yet to come true. I mean,i wish for many things, but none of them seems to happen. and lately, i felt so selfish. always thinking about myself and not abut others who have been really nice to me. oh yeah speaking of my short trip, i've got a few things that you would seen in my next post :) ah and one more thing, finally i've decided where i'll be going to university. but still confused though about what major i'm going to take

top-cotton on, shorts-unbranded,flip-flops-rubi, bag-mulberry look a like, bangles-randoms

find this picture on tumblr, i love what it says, and i love clouds :)
i'm trying harder to lose weight, and i just hope it works!
and wish me luck for this week. a lot of exam and school works *sigh*

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  1. I almost bought that top and now I regret for not buying it ! :( Good luck for the university , we have the same problem . Haha



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