sparks fly

1:20 AM

dress worn as top-gaudi,skirt-cotton on, heels-unbranded, bag-mulberry look a like, accessories-forever21feels like screaming, and just let that fuzzy feeling go away!
this weekend i spent it like usual. in the morning till noon i took my English course, and in at night, i went to my friend sweet 17. you know, I'm staring to like this 'sweet 17' thing. it is so fun dressing up just the way the dress code, and spending time with friends is just so wonderful! feels like I'm living my teenage dream!

the dress code was, top : anything white, and bottom : blue jeans
and this is what i wore,
blouse - ribbon, belt-ribbon, shorts-Singapore, heels - everbest, bangles - rubbi

and as the souvenir? a lovely, cute, and adorable cupcake !
Have a blessed weekend all :)

waiting for December to come earlier! this holiday, i spend it at home. But that's exactly what i wanted. just staying home, doing the things i like, hanging out with some of the greatest friends,you know, it's just nice :)
oh yeah, i have already mention about my concern lately. yep, it's the college thing and the major that I'm gonna take. you know, thinking about the future make you wonder, like am i gonna be a person one day? that's what i keep on thinking. i want to chose something base on what i like, and what I'm happy at. well, no one can predict anything right? but i believe though, everything happens for a reason :)
anyway, this picture below, is an old picture actually. i mean it's not that old, it's about a month ago maybe. i just got the chance now to post about it!

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  1. I like your shoes!!xx

  2. love the casual chic look !
    your printed skirt is awesome !

  3. love ur printed skirt ! :D
    in love with ur shoes <3
    cute cupcake :)
    thx for ur sweet comment on my post,

    check my newest post,

  4. like the second outfit. and your printed skirt is gorgeous!

  5. thank you all for the lovely comments! :)



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