childhood comebacks

6:59 AM

Hi all :) sorry for my absence, but i've been busy preparing for my final test due next week. *sigh* but can't wait for holiday though, There's a lot of to do list to be done. A lot of hanging outs, shopping, and many more exciting stuff. Well this week has been crazier than ever, tests and other school works drives me nuts, but it's ok, as long as i take it happily, it all went just fine.
oh yeah, what i've been waiting for finally is here! yeah it's December. The month of happiness, well it's supposed to be a happy month. Can't wait for Christmas! i know for sure what i want from Santa. Just a Miracle and a luck for next year. well, i try to be a good girl this year. how about you?
btw, this is a picture of last week birthday. it was one of my childhood friend, meeting them makes me feel younger! mostly i met my old elementary friends, and some of my junior high friends.

if you see, there's a sticker in the picture there. it was a sticker from my campaign for english project. me and my team were campaigning against plastic surgery. Do you know how many plastic surgery went wrong? just think twice before you do something.

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