right were you want me

4:46 AM

attended nikicio FEMME Resort 2011 "The White Oleander" and  the fashion show was amazing. it was held at Plaza Indonesia's Good Dept. Seriously i think the designs, was absolutely amazing, and the models are beautiful.

this is my current favourite food. Durian pancake by Honeymoon Dessert.

and this is what i wore,
dress-gaudi, tights-theres's,  necklace- theres's, bangles-rubi, heels -charless and keith, bag mulberry look a like.

and another bunch of thanks, because theresia was kind enough to edit a photo of me.
 Christmas countdown : 9 Days

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  1. So jealous that you made it there ! Must be a great show :D

  2. Thanks for the photoshare of the fashionshow ^^ I wish I was there! You look cute aswell!

  3. thanks marcella and becky! yeah it is such a great show :)

  4. thanks mei! you look amazing too. yeah, you should see it! :)



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