breaking free

1:11 AM

whoosh. this week has been making me to do a lot of work. there's so many things to do but so little time.i feel scared sometimes to move toward where i'm heading. but life has taught me to stick to the person who you really are. so why need to back down? well that's the main point of this week. hectic? yeah a lot. well i this week is exam week, and i just passed my physics,chemistry,and math test.  hopefully i can do my best at this test. you know, you can see that i've made a change to my blog. i change the template to be more simple, and finally! i found out how to make my pictures looks bigger. i  know this is like so yesterday, but this is still exciting! oh yeah one more thing. it's 15 days till Christmas! and yeah i'm excited. this means i can gather with my family, and just feel that comfortness. and here is a few pictures that i took a long time ago :)

top-cosmogirl, legging -forever21, shoes-charless and keith, accessories-forever21

lacey top-forever21, tank-zara, pants-zara, belt-unbranded, shoes-unbranded, bangles-random

and I've never mention this before. i took cooking class as one of my extracurricular activities. and a week ago, my cooking team "the bluebands" as i so called them, we cooked a banana cake. it's wonderfully delicious, and so easy to made. if you want the recipe just give your comment and email, it will be my pleasure to share it :)

P.S i really want to watch Tangled!

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  1. I ADORE THOSE PANTS <3 very lovely :)
    and yes, me too! Really excited about seeing Tangled x)
    Lovely blog :)


  2. Love the lacey top on second picture dear !!
    visit and follow my blog if you don't mind of course <3

  3. hiiii, just strolling around the found your blog :)
    looking gorgeous! :) :)
    love the 2nd outfit :) simply chic! ^^

  4. thanks tamara, sure i'll se your blog :)

  5. thankss dorothy, daraziivanam and jessica for your lovely comments!



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