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 "great friends are the ones you're comfortable with, the one that dare to be stupid with you, fall with you, and be there no matter what."

Hi guys! another post is up, and i'm excited :) this post is another photo session that i did back few weeks ago. So if you guys wondering why so many shoots lately.. well it's because me and my friends decided to do something fun once a month. Yes! you know it, we all like to take photos, and just have a fun photo shoot session. This one was our first one, and the concept was "green". Actually I made up the concept, just because the background was green.. he he he..
Anyhow, in this post I'm going to feature my photo shoot buddies, which are my closest friends in Singapore. 
Also an update on my daily life in Singapore. Everything has been ah-ma-zing so far, I met some new friends in my last year here, which was nice. Then I've been thinking, lately I'm living the word "YO-LO" too much. I did something spontaneously without thinking long about it, I tried many great foods lately, so basically I had fun. But then.. Time is ticking my friend, and sometimes you are rush to make a decision. I'm still considering what's next after graduating, and a lot of things to be consider, this and that. Well, I do prayed about it a lot, Hopefully I got a glimpse of what's next.
But in a midst of confusion, I'm glad I still have my friends that will help me get through it :) TEHEEEE ( Don't know why I keep saying TEHEEEE lately..)
 left to right (Me, Stephanie Angelina, Jennifer Negara)
 oh yeah! this one was a funny one. So my friend Jennifer (left) wore something cute, and my friend joked that our dress (Me and Koen Reisa (my right)) wore something that indicate as a diva, and my friend Jennifer as the maid. HAHA I'm joking jen! seriously my friend Jennifer is one of the most epic girl ever! she has so many stories to tell, and such a sweet and lovely friend. Do check her blog!
 and back to my outfit post 
(top - cheris, pants - unbranded, shoes - mango, bag - primark, accessories - primark)
 Now i will share my friends's shots that I loved! Here is featured Angel and Koen. I love Koen's facial expression, the typical model serious face, and love her long thick hair! Then as always my friend Angel, she is hilarious! She made me laugh most of the time, but when she smile, she is really sweet!
And of course, when you found a chair in the middle of nowhere, you should create that "i'm waiting for you post".. I know, I'm a dramatic girl for sure.. hahaha, this photo  featured Jen. I love her tropical jumper, she looked fantastic.!
 Behind the scene.. one of the ways to take a great photo. STRETCH!
And this is all for now! Hope you guys have a great day ahead :)
see you in my next post!

Stephanie Gee

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  1. daym girl, lost so much weight! Pretty as usual :)

    ps: miss you!!

    Repeat Isle-of-View 5 x.
    Well, Isle of View back!

  2. hahaha LOL styel ur fotografer very nice... nice to meet you...



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