It's a Matter of the View

9:15 AM

"When life is sweet say thank you, and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and GROW"

Hi guys! I just realized how long I had abandoned my blog. Yes I know.. 2 weeks without posting anything and that's bad! I had promised before that I will update on a regular basis, once in a week. So do mind my excuse this time :)
So notice the "all caps lock" word in my quotes? Hint : It starts with a G! Well you know, it's GROW, and honestly it's the area where I put my mind a lot lately. As you know this is my last year as a university student. You know, I never got tired saying this but.. time do flies so fast! I'm so  blessed, and grateful for everything that happened in the past, I've been experiencing so many things so far in my university life. but ending it is kind a scary yet at the same time, I'm thrilled for what the futures hold. So know in my mind is that I need to stop playing around, and prepare my self for my future. 
After long thoughts, confusions, and struggles, God finally answered my prayers and gave peace in my heart. I was considering for masters at first, and many other plans bla bla bla.. As usual, being a planner is not always easy when you know you can't achieve it . But, now a new part of me is excited to start my new chapter in life, which is the working world. Yes I have decided, I want to work in Singapore. At least I want to try, and I believe if God says yes, He will open a door for me :)
But guys.. before making this decision, and having a long term peace, I've heard many terrifying stories about Singapore's working life. You know how you can't trust anyone, how they don't care about you, how they pressure you a lot without any help or guidance, and many weird and scary facts. (I've heard one of my seniors quit after 2 weeks of working) . But i believe one thing, before becoming a successful person, you need to experience the pain yourself, build yourself from scratch, until you become a strong person, with integrity.
At first my mind was stuck. All I know is that I love fashion, drawing, and make up. You know something in the "artsy" area. And sometimes my friend, instagram could be your own worse enemy, because you keep on looking at someone who succeeds with their own dreams. Is like a voice inside my heart says, "they can, but why not me?".
I may not understand what might happen to me next, but one thing for sure. I have peace in my heart that everything will be ok, it's already settled in God's hand. So surrender guys, and never compare. satisfaction is a matter of perspective, so choose to see something from the right angle, and you'll be ok!

top - MDS, skirt - cotton on, bag - celine , shades - forever 21, ring - forever 21, necklace - swarosvki, shoes - tory burch
 And!! I went to a cute cafe in Orchard Getaway (the new extension of 313 somerset), and I had lunch with my friend there. The cafe was called Supply and Demand, and the interior was cute. So I thought why not post it in my blog?
f.y.i The food was not bad, I super like the truffles fries!


Since I haven't post for a quite a time, Here is my recent make up look! I always like the spend at least a day in a week to experiment with my make up. It's a hobby guys, but I hope i can develop it more :) I might consider to do a full make up post next time :) probably my favorite stuff etc!
Moisturizer - Simple (Kind to Skin + Protecting Moisture Cream)
Primer - Benefit Pore Minimiser
Concelear -  Maybelline Better Skin (Medium)
Foundation - MAC NC 30 and Loreal True Match (Golden Natural)
Powder - MAC Studio Fix Powder (NC 30)
Contour - Sephora Tan 45, MAC 12 Concelear Palette, NYC Sunny
Highlight - Maybelline Age Rewind Concelear (Light)
Blush - Essence in (secret - it - girl)
Lipstick - NYX Matte Lipstick (natural)
Lashes - Mad for Lashes (Blink)
Brows - Etude Brow Pencil (chocolate)

That's all guys, See you in my next post :) Have a good day!

Stephanie Gee

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  1. the food looks yummy!


    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?


    1. Hi there ollyvia! sure!! I had followed you via google connect. It would be nice if we can keep in touch! really adore your blog! <3

      Stephanie Gee

  3. you look gorgeous! <3 the top

  4. That is the cutest cafe. I definitely need to find one in my area.

    Kind regards,

  5. Thanks for your comments. Love your inspiring blog :)


  6. lovely decor and ambiance and you look great with that outfit darlinn!


  7. read your lemonade post! Exactly what happened to me. And nothing to do than stay positive :))

    Repeat Isle-of-View 5 x.
    Well, Isle of View back!

  8. Lovely photos! (:
    Your makeup looks flawless, gorgeous gal.

  9. you prety and nice..beautiful... nice moment..



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